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Public Symposium On Endangered Languages: Indigeneity, Community, and Creative Practice - Presentation by John Wynne and Tyler Peterson Wynne, John; Peterson, Tyler


Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the UBC Museum of Anthropology. This one-day public symposium at MOA focuses on the opportunities and consequences of language documentation for local communities and outsiders, exploring how such documentation is used by speakers to communicate identity, sovereignty, and contemporary representations of community. Are creative and artistic explorations of language documentation at odds with the goal of revitalization, or do they open up new possibilities for understanding the complex social and historical territory of ongoing colonial relationships? As the multi-sensory installation Anspayaxw opens at MOA’s Satellite Gallery downtown, this symposium features artist John Wynne, Gitxsan participants Louise Wilson and Barbara Harris, and linguist Tyler Peterson who will discuss with scholars, artists, and activists to examine language endangerment, ethnography and documentation in the digital age, and artistic practice.

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