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Bringing the Collective Together: Nonhuman Animals, Humans and Practice Janara, Laura


Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by Green College's Principal's Series: Thinking at the Edge of Reason: Interdisciplinarity In Action. In Laura Janara is a political theorist who works through historical texts of Western political thought, especially early modern and modern, and through contemporary critical social and political theory. Her work is historically grounded, and attends to: language and symbolism as terrains of politics; gender and other axes of identity-based power and the constitution of subjectivity; posthumanism and questions about nonhuman animals, plants and seeds against the backdrop of capitalism, democracy and colonialism; Tocqueville and nineteenth-century French and American political discourse; Machiavelli and the Renaissance in Italy and England; John Locke and England's seventeenth-century revolution.

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