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FAQ Mongolia: Some Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions on (Mining) Policy Dierkes, Julian


Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, and hosted by the Mongolia Lecture Series at the Institute of Asian Research, UBC and supported by Prophecy Coal Corporation. FAQ Mongolia: Some Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions on (Mining) Policy. (a) "How have recent policy shifts in Mongolia shaped environmental management in the mining sector?" by Kirsten Dales, MSc Candidate, Master in Environmental Management, Royal Roads University (b) "What role are environmental movements playing in Mongolia’s civil society?" by D. Byambajav, PhD Candidate, Sociology, Hokkaido University, Japan (c) "How is the mining boom affecting the macroeconomic stability and competitiveness of Mongolia?" by Dr. N. Bolor, Freelance Consultant, Toronto, Canada, Formerly Associate Professor, National University of Mongolia and Policy Analyst, Mongolian National Mining Association (d) "How is China viewed in Mongolia?" by J. Mendee, MA Asia Pacific Policy Studies, MA Candidate, Political Science, UBC (e) "The Mongolian government wants to overcome charges of corruption. How can governance be improved?" by Hon. Jim Abbott PC, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Cooperation (retired) (f) "How stable is Mongolian democracy? What likelihood is there for radical change in the political context of economic development?" by Julian Derkes, Dr. Julian Dierkes, Associate Professor and Coordinator, Program on Inner Asia, UBC

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