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Enhancing Early Career Motivation and Well-Being Through Preservice Teaching Experiences Perry, Nancy; Collie, Rebecca; Brenner, Charlotte


Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and sponsored by the Faculty of Education. CREATE (Community to Re-imagine Educational Alternatives for Teacher Education). Research indicates a wide range of factors affect teachers' motivation for and commitment to teaching, especially early in their careers. Our research seeks to understand these factors better by examining relationships between student teachers' experiences in their teacher education programs and their perceptions of teaching efficacy, engagement in and commitment to teaching, and stress associated with teaching. Teacher candidates in the Self-Regulated Learning, Social and Emotional Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Intermediate, and Kindergarten/Primary cohorts have participated in our study. We will begin our presentation with a brief review of research findings on teacher motivation and well-being and then describe our project—what we are doing and learning and what comes next.

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