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Making Methods Move : Toward Protocol Sharing Across the Disciplines LaFlamme, Marcel; Langille, Donna; McDonald, Fiona P.


Missing or inaccessible information about the methods used in scholarly research can slow the pace of discovery. Yet less attention has been paid to the sharing of detailed methods information than to other Open Science practices like data sharing or preprint posting. Drawing on survey research and large-scale analysis of recent scientific publications, this talk makes the case for step-by-step protocols as a format that can foster research quality, efficiency, and equity in a wide variety of research fields, including the humanities and social sciences. Highlighting diverse use cases from replication to abductive reuse, the talk discusses interactions with other tools such as persistent identifiers, considers limit cases, and explores opportunities for approaching protocols as first-class scholarly outputs. This event is co-sponsored by the University of British Columbia, Okanagan Library and the Collaborative + Experimental Ethnography Lab with support from SSHRC.

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