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Open textbooks Burgess, Mary 2013-10-22

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UBC Open Access Week:Open TextbooksMary BurgessDirector, Curriculum Servicesand Applied ResearchIntroductionsI’m Mary Burgess, Director of Curriculum Services and Applied Research at BCcampus. What’s your role at the institution? Show of hands…Instructor?Administrator?Librarian?Instructional Designer?Educational Technologist?Other?*What is BCcampus?4 research universities 6 teaching universities11 colleges4 institutes25 public post-secondaries*Open Access Week @ UBCAgendaWhat is an OER?The BC Open Textbook ProjectFinding open textbooksBenefits and challengesInstitutional and Individual readiness for change*OER“OER are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others.” William & Flora Hewlett Foundation http://www.hewlett.org/programs/education-program/open-educational-resources What are Open Educational Resources?What does open enable?*Let’s get even more specific now, and talk aboutOpen Textbooks. Open TextbooksImage source:
www.flickr.com/photos/austinevan/1225274637/Open Access Week @ UBCWe have a problem…*Images fromhttp://www.openeducation.net/2009/09/17/beyond-textbooks-andy-chlup-discusses-digital-learning-models/ CC-BY andhttp://markmcguire.net/2011/01/01/r-i-p-department-of-design-studies/ CC-BY-NCWhat students think of textbooks“The price of textbooks has influenced my decision to take classes. When the same class is offered by three different instructors, I check which book is the cheapest, and even though the professor might not be good, I’m forced to take that class because the textbook is the cheapest.”“For my ‘Intro to Stats’ class, the usual cost of the textbook is like $120. But then I got a copy from India for like $29. And it’s the exact same copy.”“I was in lab one day and the guy sitting next to me had the PDF version of the book opened on his computer. And I was like, Oh, can I have a copy? And he sent it over to me.”“I have a friend who actually didn’t spend any money last year for books because he went to the library at the beginning of the quarter, borrowed books, scanned everything, and had the PDF file.”“My most expensive class was clinical psych, because she writes the textbook herself, and it has a new edition every semester or something ridiculous. So it was like almost $200. And the thing is that you can’t use the previous edition, because she changes it herself because she knows the textbooks sell well. It’s like so manipulative.”Students Get Savvier about Textbook Buying, The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 2013http://chronicle.com/article/Students-Get-Savvier-About/136827 Fortunately, there are solutions…*Images from http://collegeopentextbooks.ning.com/page/adopt-1 CC-BY and http://classroom-aid.com/2011/12/07/why-dont-teachers-publish-their-own-textbooks-k12/ CC-BY-SAWhat is an Open Textbook?What do you think?*Image from: http://maczee.deviantart.com/art/Hanging-Ideas-66244580 CC-BY-NDWhat is an Open Textbook?An instructional resource An ebookA printed book Uses an open license, usually CC to enable others to further share and modify*Images from Bccampus.ca and CreativeCommons.org. CC-BYThe BC Open Textbook Project*Image from Bccampus.caThe project:40 Texts, aligned with the 40 most highly enrolled 1st and 2nd year subjects in BC Not just for online deliveryEbook (multiple formats) or print on demand *Project Phases:Phase One: Call for reviews of existing open textbooks Phase Two: Call for adaptations, Call for further reviews Date: Now – due Nov 12 & 15Phase Three: Call for creation from scratch Date: Jan 2014 *Images from http://www.advanc-ed.org/issues-in-education/perspectives/worth-investment-strengthening-teacher-evaluation-age-accountabilithttp://www.flickr.com/photos/wakingtiger/3156791341/http://gutsygirls.net/gygsns2/pages/c-and-v-pageOpen Textbook Technology*Pressbooks*This is what a Pressbooks text looks like.Open Access Week @ UBC*Finding Open TextbooksWho has tried to find an Open Textbook?Who has tried to find an OER?It’s notoriously difficult!Some places to look:Open.bccampus.caConnexions – cnx.orgMerlot – merlot.orgOER Commons – oercommons.org*Open Access Week @ UBCBenefits and Challenges of Open TextbooksWhat do you think? *Open Access Week @ UBCIndividual and institutional readiness and change…Consider the following:*Open Access Week @ UBCWhat would need to be in place for you to adopt an open textbook? Is collaboration valued at your institution?Is the creation of new work more highly valued at your institution than the reuse or revision of existing work?To what extent do current institutional policies motivate educators to invest at least a portion of their time in ongoing curriculum design, creation of effective learning environments and the development of high quality instructional materials? *Summary*Thanks!mburgess@bccampus.ca*This presentation is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY license. Please feel free to reuse, revise, remix and redistribute it.    *************************


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