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Coming out of your silo: leveraging cIRcle to increase your academic impact Colenbrander, Hilde; Grajales, Francisco J.; Radomske, Meghan 2010-10-21

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Coming out of your silo Leveraging cIRcle to increase your academic impact Inspiring Knowledge Creation, Exploration and Discovery FROM HERE Hilde Colenbrander, Francisco Grajales, & Meghan Radomske October 21st, 2010 | UBC Open Access Week  What is your place of mind regarding your research?  How many papers do you write in a year?  How many of these get published?  What happens to all the others?  Is this fair to you, your colleagues, and your faculty?  cIRcle  Experiences from the field  The GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award  The Innovative Dissemination of Research Award  Future Directions  Discussion  A database for the UBC community and its partners: ◦ for the published and unpublished scholarly materials that you create  All materials in cIRcle are openly accessible on the web  cIRcle is a service of the UBC Library   Pilot project in Spring 2007  Full Library service in Spring 2009  Openly accessible on the web  Increased visibility and readership  Improved indexing and hence findability  Multidisciplinary inquiry  Serendipitous discovery and collaboration  Recruiting tool  Classroom teaching tool  Stable URLs / links  Management and preservation of digital materials  Open Access mandates (e.g. CIHR) With acknowledgements to SMARTech at Georgia Tech  A database built on Open Source software (DSpace)  Organized into Communities and Collections  Files are uploaded into Collections  Indexed by Google and other search engines  cIRcle tracks usage statistics      Usage stats  The vision: to create an international, publicly available showcase for UBC research  It’s part of Place and Promise, UBC’s strategic plan  ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories) currently lists 1920+ repositories around the world § Australia: 61 § Brazil: 73 § Canada: 59 § Germany: 123 § India: 58 § South Africa: 28 § UK: 179 § USA: 343  Digital materials: ◦ Research papers ◦ Conference and workshop papers ◦ Theses and dissertations ◦ Exemplary student projects (selected by academic units) ◦ Unpublished reports and working papers ◦ Books, chapters and sections ◦ Datasets ◦ Learning objects ◦ Multimedia and audio-visual materials  Atlas of BC record  Next screen: cover page of Atlas           Copyright owner retains copyright  cIRcle requires a non-exclusive license to distribute (from rights holder)  Optional: attach a Creative Commons license to your work in cIRcle   More than 28,500 items  26,100+ theses and dissertations  Top item in cIRcle has been viewed more than 4,000 times (since December 2009)  Retrospective Digitization Project ◦ More than 33,500 UBC theses and dissertations since 1920s ◦ Showcase past UBC students’ unique projects & promote contemporary research ◦ Currently includes over 22,800 theses & dissertations from 1974-1987 & 1992-2006 ◦ First graduate degrees issued in 1919 to Ruth Fulton and Isobel Harvey ◦ 6 out of first 10 UBC Masters degrees were earned by women ◦ Fulton’s thesis has been viewed  nearly 200 times from the US, Canada, China, Austria, Switzerland, & Kenya  ◦ All UBC theses & dissertations encouraged to be submitted electronically to cIRcle ◦ Over 3200 available ◦ Most accessed? “Canadian women and the (re)production of women in Afghanistan” by Melanie Butler with over 2500 views since April   Social, Ecological, Economic, Development Studies ◦ Unique academic program ◦ Students, staff, & faculty collaborate on campus sustainability issues from climate change to waste management ◦ Over 500 student projects featuring 3000 contributors since 2000—saved UBC $200,000   ◦ cIRcle preserves and showcases over 170 of these projects ◦ Adam Rucker’s project has been viewed over 650 times in the last 6 months   Professor Judith Lynam School of Nursing: ◦ “As an investigator who is taking up an ‘integrated KT’ approach to dissemination—it is helpful to have some additional ways to refer to work (e.g. reports) that are developed for a broader audience than the typical audience for peer reviewed publications”.   Emeritus Professor R.G. Matson Laboratory of Archaeology: ◦ “cIRcle is searchable, has good use information, and, above all is reliable, in our world of constantly changing URLs.” ◦ “We are impressed [with] the number of downloads recorded in cIRcle, indicating that it has a far wider circulation than we realized.”       The GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award  Recognizes and rewards innovative ways of communicating research  Students, faculty and staff are eligible  First winner, March 2010: Cycling Route Planner, Michael Brauer and his team  Awarded annually by UBC Library   Enabling you to use cIRcle as your database management system: ◦ Store your research output in cIRcle ◦ Create easy access to your research from your web site ◦ We take care of long term accessibility and preservation  Streamlining uploading procedures  Making all UBC research publicly available through a single web portal  How many papers have you written and saved in your hard drive?  What is stopping you from adding them to cIRcle?  What would it take for you to put them up?   Hilde Colenbrander ◦  Francisco Grajales ◦  Meghan Radomske ◦


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