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Surfacing UBC scholarship through knowledge translation & exchange Hurrell, Christie 2009-10-21

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S urfacing UBC S cholarship through Knowledge Trans lation & Exchange Christie Hurrell Executive Director, UBC Centre for Health and Environment Research ph ot o by  A M ag ill , F lic kr  C re at iv e C om m on s About CHER • Multidisciplinary research centre founded in 2003: medicine, applied science, interdisciplinary studies • Our mission: to research and prevent diseases caused by hazards in outdoor and indoor environments – Most research questions are highly relevant to applied environmental health problems (air pollution, occupational injuries, environmental carcinogens, etc) • One of CHER ’s main goals is to increase knowledge translation and exchange activities S o, what is knowledge translation and exchange (KTE)? Researchers Research Agenda Research findings Research users (managers, workers, policy- makers) Health Issues Environmental health interventions KTE activities at CHER: •Media relations •Websites •Lay summaries •Community outreach •Continuing education •Building capacity for KTE KTE AT CHER . . . How have we been using the web to surface environmental health research? ph ot o by  n ov on , F lic kr  C re at iv e C om m on s Open Access Publishing • Making journal articles and reports available on cIRcle • Creating open access policy to inform and support researchers Research Project Websites • Provide support to research teams creating their own websites Plus more than 25 others … Website statistics • Monitoring web statistics and responding to demand Interactive research results • Responds to survey data indicating that a web-based route planner would encourage more people to cycle for transportation, and that cyclists are concerned about air pollution • Integrates research data on air pollution in Metro Vancouver • Receives ~20,000 vis its/month • Will be updated for 2010 Olympics to reflect road closures etc. Interactive research results • Provides residents, health- care providers and public health authorities with easy-to-access, near-real-time information about fires, smoke and air-quality-related weather trends in British Columbia. Interactive research results • Developing a public service announcement with the community • Designed to raise awareness around BC  guidelines for laundering pesticide- contaminated clothing • Will be disseminated using Web 2.0 as well as traditional media channels RS S  as a tool to monitor research issues November 2007 December 2007 January 2008 April 2008 From research results to policy change . . . in five months! Communicating with study participants –  when the web doesn’t work • Research shows that some groups don’t use (or trust) the Internet • Lay summaries of research results – Gives participants some insight into the research process – Provides information “you need to know” • Face-to-face meetings still have their place! Funding to help surface scholarship? • Most requests for funding in the health sciences require a KTE  component • S ustained funding to support trained KTE staff is hard to come by (especially in times of budget cuts) Web-based continuing education • Free, web-based continuing education for physicians and other health professionals • Trying to create open access materials using proprietary software  QUES TIONS ? contact Christie: hurrell@; ph ot o by  T ho m  Q ui ne , F lic kr  C re at iv e C om m on s


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