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Thesis submission and archiving : the Dark Ages Read, Max 2009-10-21

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Thes is  S ubmiss ion and Archiving: The Dark Ages • S ubmitted on paper  no colour permitted • S hipped twice yearly for microfiching / microfilming Master’s theses: • Microfiched locally • Two microfiche copies in UBC Library  available 4 –  5 months after shipping  up to 11 months after submission • Paper copies kept by Library for backup Doctoral dissertations: • S hipped to ProQuest Dissertations and Theses • One fiche copy in UBC Library, PDF through ProQuest  available 9 –  12 months after shipping  in Library up to 18 months after submission • Paper copies kept by Library for backup Advantages  of ETDs • Quickly accessible to researchers and potential employers • Provide greater exposure for graduate research • Accessible from anywhere, anytime, by multiple users Additional advantages • Can be submitted from anywhere • Give students experience with electronic document preparation and digital libraries • S ave money, paper, and printing costs • Don’t take up physical storage space The Pilot Project Purpose: • To develop and test procedures for electronic submission of theses • To enable immediate availability in UBC Library’s new information repository, cIRcle Planning and preparation • Researched other universities • Customized DS pace • Developed a revised UBC Thesis Licence • Obtained approval from both FoGS  and UBC Library Concluding the pilot project • No decision made on archiving ETDs  ETDs were printed at FoGS  and handled as paper • S tudent feedback was positive  liked clear instructions on web site  no major difficulties encountered Post-pilot developments • Received approval to offer ETD submission as an ongoing option • Developed proposal for electronic archiving of all theses and dissertations S ubmitting ETDs S tudents follow this process:  • S tudent sends approval forms to Grad S tudies • S tudent converts ETD to a single PDF file • S tudent signs up online for a cIRcle account • S tudent enters metadata and submits PDF to cIRcle • Grad S tudies reviews ETD on cIRcle • Grad S tudies sends e-mail notification of acceptance or needed changes • S tudent re-submits PDF to cIRcle once changes have been made Availability of ETDs • ETDs are available online through:  UBC library (in a few days)  Library and Archives Canada (harvested monthly)  NDLTD online database (abstract search) Electronic Archiving • Practical considerations:  lack of space for paper backup copies  cost of microfilm backup • Philosophical considerations:  time to move into the 21st century! Archiving options 1.  All-electronic archiving  two different servers  copy at Library and Archives Canada  low cost after initial setup of electronic repository  convert paper theses to ETDs 2.  Convert ETDs to microfilm backup  no local service available  no budget for all theses to go to ProQuest 3.  S tatus quo  doctoral to ProQuest for microfilming  master’s microfiched locally  master’s backup on microfiche only – not satisfactory backup material • All-electronic archiving was adopted  copies in UBC Library repository (cIRcle) and at FoGS  copy at Library and Archives Canada, Theses Canada Portal  UBC Library is participating in LOCKS S initiative (Lots Of Copies Keep S tuff S afe) • Paper theses are scanned to PDF and OCRd by the UBC Library • S ubmitted to cIRcle repository by FoGS • All UBC theses now available online shortly after submission Results  and Reactions • Hoped for 30 –  40%  ETD submission • Immediately 50%  submitted electronically • Now 70%  submitted electronically • No major promotion of ETDs yet –  entirely voluntary submission Requests  for online theses • S tudents from “the dark ages” have asked to have their theses included in cIRcle • Many students comment on the convenience of being able to share their work immediately Withholding ETDs  from publication • Requests for theses to be withheld increased • Acceptable reasons:  time needed for patent applications  commercial funding agreement  need testing time before public release Multimedia • Theses cannot contain multimedia –  Library and Archives Canada (LAC) harvesting limitation • S tudent submits two PDFs, one with multimedia, one with links to external source of multimedia • LAC is working to enable harvesting of multimedia theses Technical ass is tance for s tudents • The Chapman Learning Commons will assist students with:  creating a PDF  submitting the thesis to cIRcle • Graduate S tudies will be proposing that electronic submission become mandatory Retroactive dig itization of theses • UBC Library is digitizing all previous theses in-house   there have been 33,500 UBC theses since the 1920s • Recent and historical research at UBC will become easily accessible Thes is  S ubmiss ion and Archiving: The Age of Light • Greatly improved access to UBC theses • Promotes research, eases collaboration • S aves paper, money, time, space • S ignificant savings over handling paper theses • Increased collaboration and understanding between FoGS  and UBC Library S uccesses • many former students have asked for their theses to be added to cIRcle • students direct non-university employers and colleagues to their theses • some instances of online theses leading to full-scale book publication Max Read Thesis and Communications Coordinator The Faculty of Graduate S tudies max.read@ ubc.ca 604-822-0283


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