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Order out of Chaos Haines, Margaret 2014

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How to complete a major library renovation while still serving your students and faculty Margaret HainesFormer University LibrarianCarleton UniversityOrder Out of ChaosOutline of My Presentation Historical backgroundWith thanks to former AUL Linda  Rossman for her photographic history of the Library  Challenges of Getting a Major Building Project Funded Challenges of Going Through the Renovations The Final Product! Lessons LearnedA bit of historical background Carleton started as Carleton College in 1942 1942-46 – housed in a local high school 1946- moves into the former Ottawa Ladies College 1951 – the Library has its own extension 1956 – a new campus plan was started 1958-59 – a 2 story Library was built on the new campus  and the library moved there1957   2008“On the day that the Ontario Minister of Education came to open Carleton's newest buildings a pile of construction materials in the library caught fire. It wasn't a good omen. The Carleton, Feb. 1958 - “Smoking will be permitted because of the better ventilation system”Library featured in Canadian Architect, July 1960Pretty as a pictureThe Library at night1961-62 Carleton LibraryThe way it wasMain Reading RoomNote windows on the leftThe Smoking Lounge!Those were the glory days, but… Over the next two decades, there were problems: Heating difficulties Leaks Overcrowding – 24 study rooms became offices for staff which had grown to over 175 lack of elevator to the 5th floor Library briefs submitted regularly 1960; 1962; 1967; 1971; 1972; 1985; 1988Re-Cladding the Library in 1984/5 “universally regarded as ugly and ill-conceived”The Library in  1986Interim Fixes An extension opened in 1991 A new storage facility opened in 2006 Some interior changes e.g. Learning Commons added in 2005 Minor renovations e.g. staff lounge in 2006 Space freed by move of collections to storage did allow us to add laptop counters BUT… New tenants  (LSS and CCS) took up many of the group study rooms1972 Brief - 5 floor extension…The extension in 1991:  3 floors instead of 5The Storage FacilityApproved in 2006 due to overcrowding in the Library stacks!The Storage Facility24 foot high density shelvingDid that end our problems? – NO! No more space for students overall Group study space allocated to LSS No space for graduate students No space for collections despite storage facility – not fully shelved No space for storage in main library Rapidly deteriorating décor in library Student behavior was a major problem Not AODA compliantSpace ProblemsStained carpetsLounge = storageOvercrowded shelvesPeeling plasterWhy we needed a new building or at least renovations!Our Wish List Build a brand new library but if that was not possible then: Improve appearance of the building and “open it up to campus like it used to be Make the space high quality, technology equipped and diverse Improve heating and ventilation Renovate some areas of old library The political reality B.C. (before construction) A campus master space plan that encouraged renovations to QUAD facing buildings but… Competition from other building projects on campus and no interest in a new building Government funding for shovel ready projects but… Funding was tied to projects that could deliver on increased enrolment NSSE surveys supported library/study space improvements but… Project leadership for all campus projects rested with administrative not academic managementLatest round of library planning In 2008, the 2004 library space plan was updated by DSAI  In 2009 the Campus Master Space Plan made improving the Library a priority In 2010, the library project finally made it to the top of the building project list and a proposal was developed for the Ontario gov’t tied to student enrolment increases (+3000) Proposal was carefully crafted by Facilities Management to show greatest impact for smallest per FTE investment!12-StoreyAddition5-StoreyAdditionMaxwellMacOdrumLibraryDuntonTowerAzraeliPavilionQuadToryBuildingAzraeliTheatreSouthamHallPatersonHallSite PlanThe political reality A.D. (after decision) The original library extension was designed for three additional floors but… Building codes had changed and significantly reduced the floor loading on upper floors The Librarian was the Building Authority and had total control over library space but… Facilities saw the building as “university” property and planned to move in other “tenants” The project was supposed to have been staged but… To save money, Facilities decided to do all stages at once,  leaving no swing space, and major features of the design were no longer included to save moneyOur team Clients:  Library , LSS, CCS, Graphics, Discovery Centre Architects:  Cuhaci and Associates Diamond Schmitt and Associates Project Management: Turner and Townsend (changed multiple times) Facilities, Management and Planning staff Construction: Pomerleau and many, many sub-contractorsEast Addition28,500 square feet of study space extending towards quadWest Addition2 floors added 45,700 square feet at back of buildingTHE VISIONEast Façade – View to QuadDuring Renovations November 2011 to October 2013  All services operating in MacOdrum Library carried on throughout construction Temporary entrances including disabled entrance at tunnel level Conditions: Dust, noise, asbestos abatement, floods, multiple relocations of staff, reduced seating for students, infiltration by rodents, squirrels  and raccoons, etcAnd so it began….PreparationsT u n n e l a n d f r o n t f a c a d eCranes were everywhereP r epa r a t i o n o f ex t e n s i o n ro o fAnd the front started to disappearAnd became something alien-likeI worked right behind the plastic sheeting!The new staircase was builtSoon, it began to take shapeEspecially when the glass was addedUntil we got to the finishing stagesMeanwhile the back started to appearRight on top of the existing roofGreat jubilation when the roof was installed!And soon it was almost doneInside, things were not the same…We had to put directions on the floor!Inside the construction zoneLeaks,’leaks, and more leaks!OrangeStaff were always happy to helpAnd we all pitched in…sort of…Even our new tenants!We stayed calm and carried onAnd we had some interesting movesMoving in – MADGIC level 1So…after all that,  this is what we got! SPACE, LIGHT, TECHNOLOGY, BEAUTY Archives & Research Collections Climate controlled vault, display & teaching space Reference  New offices, new teaching and consulting space Expanded/improved Centre for Adaptive Technology Discovery Centre Multi-media lab, Gaming lab and Learning lab Flexible, innovative, collaborative space Beautiful double height main floor reading roomThe new front façade to the QuadAnd at dusk…The view of the Library at nightThe view from the canal showing extensionOld façade on the main building on left  - still to be replacedThe view from the side windowsView from the Front FacadeOur café came back!And it was behind glass wallsThe spiral staircase from insideThe main reading roomStudents in main reading roomThe main reading roomThird floor front reading roomGroup furniture in Discovery CentreMediascape configurationsMediascapes in useLearning LabLearning LabMultimedia LabMultimedia LabGaming LabGaming Lab and 3D printersMakerbots – 3D printersGraduate Rooms 5th floorGraduate carrels – 5th floorUndergraduate Study RoomDavid Felssculpture on 5th floorAnd the picture is back!Ann Lazear with the Premier of Ontario at the official opening – December 5, 2013Space Figures Over 47 years05,00010,00015,00020,00025,00030,000Category 1 Category 21967198720072014Project Summary Stats Started in November 2011  $27.2m project budget ($16.7m from Ontario) +75k sf  added for a total of  240k sf Doubled the seating capacity to 2000 seats Now have 3 classrooms, 8 reading rooms, 3 seminar rooms, 3 high tech labs (gaming, multimedia and learning),  47 group studies (including 15 dedicated graduate rooms); 80+ Graduate carrels and lockersLessons Learned The right person for the right job - Val! Communication, communication, communication! Patience, perseverance, persuasion, political acumen Keeping the vision alive in the minds of users The importance of allies – students, faculty, Deans And also the construction crew! Learning to compromise and make trade-offs Tenants = building partners not adversaries A sense of humour and malt whisky in the cupboardNew Opportunities and Challenges Opportunities: Community engagement Research Partnerships Learning and Teaching Partnerships Developing new organization and service models Challenges Increasing demands from campus for space Need for fair and transparent policies on public use NEED FOR NEW SKILLS FOR STAFF Keeping up the interest in finishing the renovationsAt the official opening with the PremierThis event gave every stakeholder a real boost!For further information: Margaret Haines 613-825-9615 Margaret.haines@Carleton.ca Valerie Critchley 613-520-2600 ext 1808 Valerie.critchley@Carleton.ca


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