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Organizing ideas : Knowledge mobilization and precarious work Lee, Ted; Henninger, Ean; Ng, Karen; Jones, Allison


Precarious work pervades libraries, archives, and information organizations and its impacts are increasingly obvious (and disastrous) in the midst of a global pandemic. How does precarity affect knowledge mobilization? How can researchers mobilize knowledge when their working conditions are uncertain? How can folks researching precarious work mobilize their findings to organize workers and change the conditions of their labour? We'll explore these questions and more during a live recorded conversation of the Organizing Ideas podcast, itself a knowledge mobilization project of two precariously employed library workers! To help us through the complexities of this topic, we're inviting back guests Ean Henninger and Ted Lee, who discussed precarious work with us way back in October 2019 in Episode 3 of the pod. Our conclusion last time? Let's dismantle capitalism!

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