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Are we Twitter-famous yet? : Using an issue-based Twitter account for knowledge mobilization Brons, Adena; Riley, Chloe


In November 2017, four precariously employed librarians formed a research team to study aspects of precarious employment in Canadian libraries. This ongoing research project has involved analysis of job postings from the Partnership Job Board, interviews with library workers, and a forthcoming survey that builds on these findings. Our research aims to address knowledge gaps about precarious labour in libraries and to start conversations about how library workers experience and imagine labour relationships. In April 2019, we created a Twitter account for our project (@LISPrecarity) to extend these conversations beyond scholarly communications and to connect with fellow researchers, advocates, and workers. In this lightning talk, we will discuss the advantages of having a shared account for a research project that goes beyond the project to become an issue-based account and hub for discussions. We contend that having no social media strategy has actually benefited us, freeing us from a set posting schedule and encouraging a range of types of posts. We will demonstrate how data visualizations and A+ gif use have allowed us to share insights, findings, and “deleted scenes” on Twitter outside of academic publications and conference presentations. Curating this account has helped us to build connections and disseminate our ideas beyond what we could achieve with our personal Twitter networks. As a result of this presentation, attendees will gain insight into one approach to knowledge mobilization via social media and appreciation for the importance of connecting a research project to the issues that it seeks to address.

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