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Klemtu's Community School More, Art; Ljubisic, Milenko; Darquin, Paul A.; Paton, Bob


Provides a brief introduction to Klemtu, a remote community north of Bella Bella, B.C. The only transportation into Klemtu is by sea plane. Upon landing and entering the community the type of employment available for the people begins on the boardwalk. Men can be seen repairing and replacing the old board walk into Klemtu. Men are also seen at the local sawmill. A special program is available for those who want to work at the sawmill or with the housing projects. Percy Starr, Chief and Chairman of Kitasoo Education Authority is the key speaker regarding the importance of educating the younger generation to enter the job programs available in the community. He also expressed some concern with the quality of education and the disadvantages of living in an isolated community. The people are a valuable resource in the community of Klemtu. The children are seen as a generation of successful students. [Summary by Elizabeth Tait]

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