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Academic Librarians in Public Service (ALPS) December Meeting 2012 Stephens, Tara; Mackenzie, Scott; McKenzie, Janis; Stang, Sarah; Stephens, Sierra; Mitchell, Julie; Yusko, Gordon; Fields, Erin


The annual BCLA ALPS December Meeting took place at Langara College on December 14, 2012. This year’s theme touched on two of the hottest topics in academic librarianship: service reviews and assessment. The morning session began with a panel discussion on library service reviews and their impact. Featured panelists included: library managers, librarians and support staff from three academic institutions: SFU, UBC-O and UBC-V. Speakers for the early morning session were Janis McKenzie (SFU), Scott Mackenzie (SFU), Sarah Stang (UBC-O), Sierra Stephens (UBC-O), Gordon Yusko (UBC-V) and Julie Mitchell (UBC-V). These presentations can be found at 00:05:40 - 01:13:58 in the recording). The late morning presentation was delivered by Erin Fields (UBC-V) on the subject of first year instruction assessment. (This presentation can be found at 01:13:58 - 02:12:00 in the recording). Presentation slides from SFU and UBC-V speakers are available.

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