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Portage Dataverse North [Dataverse Community Meeting 2018] Barsky, Eugene; Leahey, Amber; MacPherson, Erin Jun 14, 2018

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Portage Dataverse North Eugene Barsky, UBC (British Columbia)Amber Leahey, Scholars Portal (Ontario)Erin MacPherson, Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia) Image by What is the Portage Network?● “Portage is a national, library-based research data management network that coalesces initiatives in research data management to build capacity and to coordinate activities better”● Goals:○ Build a community of practice for research data management (RDM) ○ Engage and advocate for research data management with stakeholder communities○ Facilitate and provide leadership in the development of RDM infrastructure● 2Portage Network of ExpertsExpert Groups:• Data Management Planning• Curation• Data Discovery• Preservation• Training• Research IntelligenceWorking Groups:● Dataverse North● FRDR Service Model● Institutional Strategies● Ethical Treatment of Sensitive Data3Regional Stakeholders4Part of a Larger RDM Ecosystem5Dataverse North during the last yearBackground● Dataverse North is built around 3 sub-groups:○ Business Models○ Metadata○ Training Group● Sub-groups agreed to each tackle one of the major objectives outlined in the Terms of Reference. Dataverse North TimelineEach sub-group agreed to the following milestones:January 2018Circulate draft briefing paper and recommendations to all members March 2018Final briefing paper & recommendations submitted to CARL/PortageAugust 2017Preliminary outline of work & objectivesOctober 2017Interim progress reportBusiness Models groupPortage, through its Dataverse North Working Group, should work with key stakeholders to establish a national Dataverse North service, hosted by Scholar’s Portal, that will enable all Canadian researchers and the academic library community to effectively utilize a robust, scalable, and affordable research data repository platform. Image -  Metadata group- CARL institutions should adopt a common base metadata template for Dataverse repositories using standard vocabularies and identifiers. - CARL institutions should adopt a common approach to labelling, describing, and organizing data files in Dataverse repositories. Image - groupThe development of training materials should be a priority activity. Dataverse North should work to develop multi-modal training materials, with an immediate priority on general introductory manuals, videos, and workshops that are aimed at librarians and library staff. Image - Regional highlights 2017-2018New DV instances:● University of Manitoba launched Dataverse in mid-2017● Dalhousie University launched Dataverse in late-2017 New developments:● Universite de Montreal (UdeM) and BCI (Quebec library consortium) initiate Dataverse Internationalization Project with Scholars Portal (ongoing) (April 2018)○ Planned public release of Internationalization in fall 2018● Scholars Portal continues work on Archivematica Integration with Artefactual (May 2018)○ Planned public release of Archivematica in fall 2018 (release version TBD)Data Explorer & Curation ToolData Explorer Curation Tool Next steps● Continue discussions around developing a national Dataverse instance for Canadian researchers, hosted and serviced by academic libraries;● Scope out new developments and integration work that will build support for Canadian research:○ DV- Cloud hosting (AWS, other)○ DV-Globus integration (large file support)○ Data Management Plans (DMP Assistant)○ Geospatial data visualization and discovery (GeoBlackLight)● Submit proposals for CANARIE RDM grant funding (June 2018)Questions? Image - 


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