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Settling the West [Grade 5] Activity Fields, Erin Sep 30, 2017

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 ` Incorporating sources from UBC Library’s Open Collections into your classroom can help students build their historical thinking through analyzing, contextualizing, and inferring using historical texts.   This activity will involve analyzing three advertisements from the Canadian Pacific Railway Company encouraging settlement in Manitoba. The purpose of this activity is to give your students practice in analyzing digital primary sources and to understand the context in which it was made.  MATERIALS NEEDED Handouts (on back) Computers to access Open Collections Digital Primary Sources  OPEN COLLECTIONS DIGITAL PRIMARY SOURCES  The Golden Northwest: A Home for Many People (https://dx.doi.org/10.14288/1.0216053) To land hunters! To Winnipeg and return $25.00 (https://dx.doi.org/10.14288/1.0135166)  ACTIVITY 1. Give each student a copy of the handout on the back of this sheet and have students form groups to analyze the primary source To land hunters! To Winnipeg and return $25. 2. Have students share what they found with the class focusing on the creator’s point of view and the message they created. 3. Have the students look closely at the source The Golden Northwest: A Home for Many People and discuss the following questions together:  What images do you see in the source?  Why would the creators of this source use these images?  What do you think these images mean?    What do these images mean in the context of the sources you analyzed earlier?  What does the creator of the image suggest about Winnipeg?  Who is the creator trying to attract? 4. Have students develop a list of qualities, skills, and abilities they think would be needed to settle in Winnipeg based on the clues provided to them in the two primary sources.  Extend there thinking by asking them probing questions, for example:  What economic and social class of person do you think would consider settlement?  Do you think the primary sources were created with this class in mind? Why? EXTEND THE ACTIVITY Create a poster to encourage settlement in British Columbia. What do you think people from the 1800s would be interested in when thinking about coming to British Columbia? What would British Columbia have to offer new settlers? Make sure to include this in your poster.     For additional resources, including how to search Open Collections for primary sources, visit:  http://guides.library.ubc.ca/PrimarySourcesEducators    ` Primary Source Analysis    Primary Source: To land hunters! To Winnipeg and return $25 URL: https://dx.doi.org/10.14288/1.0135166 What type of source is it?     Who authored/created it? When was it created? What historical events or actions were occurring in Canada when it was created?  Note: The primary source gives you some clues!           Why was it created?  Who was the intended audience?           What point of view/position does the author/creator represent?             Modified from Use Primary Source Evidence Template – P. Seixas, Historical Thinking (http://historicalthinking.ca/) 


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