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Cultivating Success for English as an Additional Language Students : A Library Flexible Learning Partnership Shaw, Amber; Parker, Sarah; Zappa-Hollman, Sandra 2017

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Vantage College and UBC Library Cultivating Success for English as an Additional Language Students:  A Library Flexible Learning Partnership Amber Shaw (Vantage College), Sarah Parker (UBC Library), & Sandra Zappa-Hollman (LLED & Vantage College)  Issue addressed  • New students, particularly those who speak English as an additional language and who may not have had much prior experience using a library, often lack the necessary skills to access and use resources effectively. We need resources that are designed taking into account the needs of international, multilingual students. • Minor revisions • Library: Best Practices Guidelines for Creating EAL Tutorials  • Final Report   Dec 2016 • Feedback  • Student surveys • Focus groups (student & faculty) • Interviews  Nov 2016 • Module development • Piloting in the classroom Sep-Oct 2016 • Resource mapping • Pre-assessment • Tutorial creation (Writing and editing scripts,  creating videos, vocabularies, and handouts)  May-Aug 2016:  Partners The success of this project was made possible by the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund  Project Objectives  • Complete a mapping exercise to identify Vantage College students’ library and information literacy needs to connect those needs to existing library resources. • Identify new library and information literacy resources required to meet the needs of EAL students. • Adapt existing library tools and resources to facilitate use by EAL students. • Create new library and information literacy resources, as needed. • Integrate tools and resources into online and face-to-face Vantage College and UBC Library instruction • Evaluate the effectiveness of the tools and resources. People Involved Vantage College faculty Library staff  SLAIS graduate students Timeline Modules Profile of an academic library  Library research Evaluating information sources Academic integrity AskAway & WriteAway • 8 focus group sessions • 6-10 students per session • Minor edits were required based on student feedback  Overall, students found the videos to be helpful when considering future research and study.  Student Feedback   We would like to acknowledge the various contributions made by the following colleagues: Kimberly Fama, Erin Fields, Aleteia Greenwood, Julie Mitchell, Anne Olsen, Graeme Robinson-Clogg, Eilidh Singh, Jennifer Walsh-Marr, Brian Wilson, Crystal Yin, and Xinwen Zhang.  We would also like to thank the support from the UBC Arts Co-op.     Acknowledgements  


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