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Let Them Have DOIs : Persistent Identifiers for Digital Assets in the University of British Columbia Barsky, Eugene; Joseph, Paul; Sprout, Bronwen Apr 30, 2017

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Let Them Have DOIs:  Persistent Identifiers for Digital Assets in the University of British Columbia  Eugene Barsky, Paul Joseph and Bronwen Sprout  University of British Columbia Library FUTURE STEPS • Promote DOIs as a free service to UBC researchers, labs, institutes, and more.     • Collaborate with other Canadian institutions to offer DOIs as a service for any interested Canadian schools  PERSISTENT IDENTIFIERS:  A persistent identifier is a long-lasting reference to a digital resource  Usually has two parts:  • A unique identifier (ensures the provenance of a digital resource) • Location for the resource over time (ensures that the identifier resolves to the correct location)   DIGITAL OBJECT IDENTIFIERS (DOIs):  DOIs are digital identifiers of a digital or physical object:  • Persistent URL ( • Structured metadata (DataCite Metadata Schema) • International standard (ISO 26324:2012) • Oversight by International DOI Foundation • National registration agent (Datacite Canada)  DOIs as a SERVICE UBC Library provides a free service for UBC users to obtain DOIs for digital assets. Objects deposited into UBC Library repositories: cIRcle (for text, PDFs, audio and video resources), Abacus Dataverse (for research datasets) or CONTENTdm (for digitized images) are minted DOIs and assigned persistent URLs.  These DOIs are minted via Open Collections and plans are underway to write these DOIs back into the native repositories.    CUSTOM INTERFACE UBC Library has also developed a comprehensive and flexible solution for creating DOIs, utilizing a custom interface for both automated and manual DOI assignment for Library-managed digital assets. Information about this custom GUI is available at   • To be released Open Access on Github soon-  • More than 203,000 UBC DOIs have been minted already…    UBC OPEN COLLECTIONS Open Collections brings together locally created and managed content from the University of British Columbia Library's four (4) open access repositories. (Dspace, CONTENTdm, Dataverse, and AtoM).            Illustrations: by Jørgen Stamp CC BY 2.5 Denmark WHY USE PERSISTENT IDENTIFIERS?  • Persistent identifiers solve the problem of the persistence of cited resources, particularly in the scholarly literature  • Persistent identifiers can also be used 'behind-the-scenes' to manage metadata and description, or provide access control to born-digital materials (e.g. private DOIs in Dataverse)  • Some persistent identifiers (e.g. DOIs), have an added value in discoverability, making digital items findable and reusable in multiple scholarly resources.  WHY ARE DOIs USEFUL:  Discoverability!  • DOIs are lingua franca - metadata speaks to Google, Crossref, VIVO, ORCID, Datacite, DataOne, and many more…   


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