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DOIs and Other Persistent Identifiers in Research Data Barsky, Eugene Oct 31, 2016

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DOIs and Other Persistent Identifiers in Research DataEugene October 2016Illustration by Jørgen Stamp CC BY 2.5 DenmarkTo cover:- Overview of Persistent Identifiers (DOIs, Handles, ARKs, PURLs)- Focus on DOIs- UBC approach to DOIsImage - What are Persistent Identifiers?- A persistent identifier is a long-lasting reference to a digital resource- Usually has two parts:- A unique identifier (ensures the provenance of a digital resource)- Location for the resource over time (ensures that the identifier resolves to the correct location) Why use Persistent Identifiers?- Persistent identifiers solve the problem of the persistence of cited resource, particularly in the scholarly literature- Persistent identifiers can also be used 'behind-the-scenes' to manage cataloguing and describing, or providing intellectual control and access to born-digital materials (e.g. private DOIs in Dataverse)- Some persistent identifiers (e.g. DOIs), have an added value in discoverability, making digital items findable and reusable in multiple scholarly resourcesImage - Handles- Handles are unique and persistent identifiers for Web resources, with a central registry to resolve URLs to a location. Each Handle identifies a single resource, and the organisation which minted them maintains the resource- The Handle system also underpins the technical infrastructure of DOIs- UBC Library use of Handles - cIRcle (DSpace) and Abacus DataverseImage - Archival Resource Key (ARK)- ARK is an identifier scheme by California Digital Library (CDL), aiming to identify objects in a persistent way. - With ARK, hosting arrangement does not affect identity. ---   --- - Can be used via CDL`s EZID - - Used heavily in Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) and other heritage institutions... Image - Persistent Uniform Resource Locator (PURL)- PURL is a permanent web address which redirects to the location of the requested web resource using standard HTTP- Used a lot in online Course Reserves (such as UBC LOCR)- Difference between PURLs and Handles - read more here - Image - Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)- DOIs are digital identifiers of a digital or physical object- Persistent URL- Metadata package (Datacite metadata)Image - What is a DOI?- ISO standard- Overseen by the International DOI Foundation (IDF)- Datacite Canada is Canadian Registration Agent (RA)Image - What is a DOI?- Could be issued for:- Articles- Books- Book chapters- Datasets- Images- Code- Almost anything on the WebImage - Why useful?- Persistent URL- Your links don’t break!- For that... you actually need a resolver (e.g. handle, PURL, etc)... talk to your library! Image - Why useful?- Discoverability!- DOIs are lingua franca - metadata speaks to Google, Crossref, VIVO, ORCID, Datacite, DataOne, and many more…Image - Here @ UBC- We issue DOIs for Library digital assets in Open Collections - Here @ UBC- We also developed a GUI to mint DOIs as a Library service- More info here - Image - UBC DOIs GUI@ Here @ UBC- We sign the license with Datacite Canada (NRC/CISTI)- Flexible DOIs -- One-offs vs. CSV vs. programmatically- Happy to collaborate with others on campus and beyond...Image - Questions? Image - 


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