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UBC Library digitization program : from capture to community Ringham, Larissa; Stibravy, Robert; Conroy, Michael May 10, 2013

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  UBC Library digitization program:  from capture to community    BCLA Conference 2013  Larissa Ringham  UBC Library Digital Initiatives   Our original vision            CC Image courtesy of on Flickr Environmental Scan  Library blog posts  Institutional planning reports  Journal articles  Published materials  Digitization toolkits  Digital Initiatives centres at other institutions    Direct contact Digitization Centre Floor Plan  Have lots of shelving space   Know what you want to be  What we are today ? Source:  UBC Library Digital Collections  Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era Digital Initiatives Project Board Source:  UBC Library Digital Collections  Borelli Manuscript Greek Epigraphic Inscriptions  Project (upcoming) Source:  UBC Library Digital Collections  Logrono Antiphonary Source:  UBC Library Digital Collections  R. Mathison Printing Collection Digital Initiatives  ? Digitization Centre  ? cIRcle  ? Scholarly Communications & Copyright Source:  UBC Library Digital Collections  Charles Darwin Letters Digital Initiatives Coordinator Digital Projects Librarians (3) Digital Projects Analyst Digitization Assistants (2) Student Assistants (~20) Staffing in the Digitization Centre Source:  UBC Library Digital Collections Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung Collection The UBC Library Digitization Centre Our Equipment And Its Uses Robert Stibravy, Digital Projects Librarian The TTI Photographic workstation, used primarily for large, flat items up to 40?x60?  Newspaper Shot as two page spread then split in post-processing Map The vacuum is used to flatten the item to help eliminate focus and shadowing issues The Contex Wide format scanner ? up to 54? (and as long as the file size will allow) Land use map Why not the TTI? Avoid any possible aberrations in GIS use Ship?s architecture plans Very good for fragile materials The Atiz Used for fragile, bound textual materials A rare book Pages are shot in sequence A bound serial There needs to be an adequate gutter Epson 10000XL Large format flatbed scanner A pamphlet The flatbed does an excellent job due to its design Epson V750 Pro Standard size flatbed scanner A photograph The flatbed delivers high fidelity The flexScan by nextScan Microform digitization Microfilm The image quality will depend on the film quality Microfiche The scanner can accept various sizes of fiche Fujitsu fi-6670A High speed document scanner ?Standard? textual documents The Fujitsu scans 90 pages/minute duplex Laboratory notebooks Even with good quality the metadata will need to be transcribed Revox reel-to-reel tape deck The ?old school? are often in dire need of digitization Interview on reel-to-reel tape Digitized as a WAV file with derivatives made as needed Various videocassette players This one is a U-matic Digital version of a U-matic tape This one is from the ?Westland? project Audio cassette recorder This model can interface via USB or RCA connector Digital file from a cassette tape The original is encoded as an uncompressed WAV and derivatives made as needed Dr. Sidney H Zbarsky (1920-2002) Thank You! Some sites to enjoy:  ? UBC Library Digital Collections ? ? British Columbia Bibliography ? ? British Columbia Historical Newspapers ? Mike Conroy,  Digital Projects Analyst UBC Library History      Collaboration Future (2 years +) ? 100 additional titles ? UBC Sponsored ? Website redesign ? Continued collaboration with SCMA ? New community partners  Tairiku Nippo (Continental Daily News) 1908-1941 Tairiku Nippo Digitization  ? Engagement by design ? Japanese Canadian Student Tribute ? Impact  Links ? BC Historical Newspapers ? Tairiku Nippo (Continental Daily News) ? Heritage Vancouver Building Permits Database ? Revelstoke Museum & Archives ? Canadian Avalanche Centre Database ? Sunshine Coast Museum & Archives ? Japanese Canadian Student Tribute ? UBC Asian Library ? UBC Library Digital Initiatives ? Digitizers? Blog ? Twitter: @DigitizeUBC  Community engagement  and the Irving K Barber Learning Centre  Objectives of Chinese Canadian Stories ? Curriculum - To create a single one-stop bilingual web portal for collecting, digitally archiving, accessing and distributing information about Chinese Canadian history ? Digitization - Engage and collaborate with Communities on preserving the Chinese Canadian history and culture  ? K-12 Students - To connect younger generations  ? URL:    Community Partners Across Canada  Chinese Letters &  Community Workshops Terms (in Chinese) English  ?? Native Indians ?? Fish cannery ???? passport ??[?]? Chinese laundry ?? cheques ??? Immigration house ???? number Glossary Names of Places (in Chinese) English  ????/??? Chemainus, BC  ??? Dalles, OR ??? Port Townsend, WA ??? Nakusp, BC ??? Fairview, BC ?? Salt Lake City, UT ??? Yakima, WA Courtesy of Joanne Poon, CCS Researcher ?? ?X?? ??????? X   ?????? X  X  X  ???? ? ?????? ??????? ??????? ??????? ????X X X ? ?????????? Mobile Outreach K-12 Curriculum ? Richmond Delta Heritage Fair 


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