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The social library case studies at UBC library Woolman, Jessica; Cho, Allan May 10, 2013

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The Social Library Case studies at UBC Library  Jessica Woolman & Allan Cho British Columbia Library Association Conference May 10, 2013  What is social media? ? Social media includes all online tools that allow social interaction (through sharing, collaborating, commenting etc.) ? It is a communication channel  Social Media in libraries How are libraries using social media?    76% of Association of Research Libraries (ARL) member libraries have active Twitter accounts About UBC Library We serve the University of British Columbia ? Over 60,000 faculty, students and staff ? 15 branches and divisions, including off-campus locations at UBC-O and Vancouver General Hospital ? Nearly 6.5 million volumes ? 2.8 million in-person visits and 140,000+ reference questions   Social Media @UBC Library How do branches use social media?     Social Media @UBC Library How does ?the Library? use social media?    How does it work? Where does the content come from?    How do you know it works? Metrics, analytics   Facebook Edgerank Algorithm:  friend or foe?  Edgerank is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine where and what posts appear on each individual user's newsfeed. The three variables that make up this algorithm are affinity, weight and time decay.  What does this mean? ? AFFINITY: The more someone likes your stuff, the more of your stuff they will see.  ? WEIGHT: Posts are measured in weights ? videos, photos and links = more weight ? TIME DECAY: The older a post is, the more it has lost value.   Tips? Post consistently, post often, and post stuff people will like to see: not just text! Be visual, relevant and timely.  YouTube as Webcasts  Location-based social networking website for mobile devices, such as smartphones  Users post their location at a venue ("check-in") and connect with friends Mobile Media: Foursquare and Layar Download the Layar app ? Download via QR code   OR  ? Login through: http://layar.it/yzKVDr  The Project ? Irving K. Barber Learning Centre  ? Recognition Wall  ? UBC Digital Collections  ? Institutional Repository (cIRcle)  ? UBC Archives   Virtual Reality Virtual: computer generated, 3-d space AR in Action Augmented: digital information overlays a real world scene ? The browser allows users to find various items based upon augmented reality technology ? Uses built-in camera, compass, GPS ? Used together to identify the user?s location and field of view ? From the geographical position, the various forms of data are laid over the camera view ? Other popular browsers: Junaio, Wikitude, Glasses? AR Apps: Layar & Stiktu Sample point-of-interest (POI)  Set to replace QR codes  Geolocation or Object Recognition       Dr. Irving K. Barber Student studying (top left)  Musqueam house post (right)  UBC?s Great Trek (bottom left)   Thanks! Jessica Woolman Web Communications Coordinator jessica.woolman@ubc.ca  Allan Cho Community Engagement Librarian allan.cho@ubc.ca   Photos courtesy of UBC Library, except where noted below:  ? Augmented Reality. Charles Arthor, The Observer. Augmented Reality: its like real life, but better. March 2010.    ? Virtual Reality. http://www.nrc-iol.org/old_website/drive_screenshot.jpg   ? AR in action. James Rivington, Tech Radar. Google Glass: what you need to know.  ? Layar. Layar.com      For more info on libraries using Twitter: Willie Miller & Brian Matthews. ?ARL Klout study: significance of Twitter in academic libraries.?  Conference presentation, March 2012.  Nancy Dowd. ?Social Media: Libraries Are Posting, but Is Anyone Listening?? Library Journal, May 7, 2013.  For more info on metrics: Susan Etlinger, Altimeter Group. @setlinger "Measure or Die: Making Social Media Actionable." http://www.slideshare.net/Altimeter/the-social-media-roi-cookbook  Mark Schmulen, Constant Contact. @mschmulen "The New Rules of Engagement: How Email & Social Media Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand to Grow Business.?     


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