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 BCLA Browser: Linking the Library Landscape            Volume 5, no. 1 (2013) http://bclabrowser.ca  ISSN 1918-6118 UBC Library: Winter Update By Andrea Coutts.  Book and film celebrate renowned UBC Library collection  At an event hosted by UBC Chancellor Sarah Morgan-Silvester on January 30, 2013, guests viewed a premiere screening of the documentary Passage of Dreams: The Chung Collection and listened to an engaging dialogue between Dr. Chung and the filmmaker. A generous donation made by Canadian Pacific Railway in November 2010 funded a book, film and digitization efforts for one of UBC Library’s most prized collections, the Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung Collection.  Passage of Dreams was produced by Gemini-award winning filmmaker Karin Lee (Canadian Steel, Chinese Grit), and combines archival photos, images from the physical collection and animated recreation of Dr. Chung’s personal childhood stories.   Dr. Chung and the Empress of Asia. Photo © UBC Library. Golden Inheritance: The Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung Collection at UBC Library looks at the fascinating stories behind the collection, a designated national treasure that was donated to UBC Library in 1999. This visually stunning book provides an overview of Dr. Chung and his family, profiles the dedication and dynamics behind the Chung Collection, and offers an in-depth examination of its three themes: early B.C. history, immigration and settlement, and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.  Copies of Golden Inheritance are available for borrowing at UBC Library branches, and plans for the distribution of Passage of Dreams are in progress.  UBC Library signs agreement with Peking University  UBC Library and the Peking University Library (PKU Library) look forward to collaborating on collections, cataloguing and more thanks to an innovative agreement between the two organizations. UBC and Peking University, based in Beijing, China, have a wide range of research and other collaborative agreements, some dating to 1980.  The agreement, which took effect on December 1, 2012, and can be renewed after five years, involves the exchange of staff and expertise related to cataloguing and conservation, especially for Asian materials. The libraries may also exchange academic works from professors at UBC and PKU.  “In an increasingly connected world, collaboration is key to successful initiatives,” says Ingrid Parent, UBC’s University Librarian. “I am honoured to enter into this innovative agreement with Peking University Library – we look forward to sharing knowledge and expertise with our PKU colleagues.”  “International engagement plays a vital role in advancing the University’s goals and commitments,” says John Hepburn, Vice President, Research and International at UBC. “Agreements such as this one between UBC Library and PKU Library help cultivate UBC’s reputation as a globally influential leader.”  In September 2011, Alvan Bregman, UBC’s Librarian for Preservation and Collection Management Programs, visited PKU Library. The aim was to learn traditional methods of repair for Chinese rare books, and explore how these techniques could be applied to special collections at UBC’s Asian Library. Visits were also made to other conservation facilities and special collections libraries in Beijing. The trip was a valuable learning opportunity for UBC Library and an excellent way to engage with rare book and conservation institutions in China.     BCLA Browser: Linking the Library Landscape            Volume 5, no. 1 (2013) http://bclabrowser.ca  ISSN 1918-6118 UBC’s Okanagan Library completes $1.4-million renovation The refurbished Library at UBC’s Okanagan campus opened in October 2012, and features enhanced spaces to better serve the needs of a growing campus community and the public. Highlights of the improvements include increased student seating, a single service point for reference and circulation, additional group study rooms and a quiet reading room, and self-service check-out.  Inaugural Open Scholar Award recipients named Congratulations are due to the first winners of a new award launched by UBC Library’s cIRcle and the UBC Vancouver Graduate Student Society (GSS). The GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award launched in the summer of 2012; four GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Awards will be given annually – two in April and two in October.  The inaugural winners, announced at the GSS Council meeting on October 18, 2012, include the authors of two projects for Physical Therapy 572. One project features authors Lisa Cornish, Victoria Feige, Adriana Guenter, Christina Kliewer and Emily Mellis; the other project is authored by Jennifer Gonsalves, Evin Kuyer, Tamara McKay, Amy Moffat and Stephanie Palmer. Congratulations to all! Re-imagining a university library for the 21st century  Ingrid Parent, UBC’s University Librarian, appeared in the November issue of UBC Reports to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing UBC Library and research libraries around the world.  Says Parent, “Librarians are now also [data] curators, publishers, authors, instructors and information specialists. They work closely with campus partners to integrate library resources within virtual learning environments. They’re using state-of-the-art digital tools to instill information literacy and knowledge management skills.”  The article discusses digitization, economic factors, and the efforts UBC Library is undertaking to strengthen its position as a valued partner in research, teaching and learning on campus. Read the full interview and view an accompanying video, Leading an academic library in the digital age.  UBC Library was also recently featured in The Ubyssey article Turning a page: the changing role of the university library.   Andrea Coutts is the Internal Communications Coordinator at UBC Library. 


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