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Turning walls into windows at UBC : from community outreach to global access 2012

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Turning walls into windows at UBC from Community Outreach to Global Access 	 • cIRcle is an open access digital repository for the   published and unpublished output of the UBC   community and its partners 	 •	The	Irving	K.	Barber	Learning	Centre	is	dedicated	to   UBC’s academic and  community engagement missions 1.		Support	UBC	Library’s	goal	to	bring	the	world’s 	 knowledge	to	UBC	and	to	connect	UBC’s	knowledge 	 to	the	world 2.	 Promote	knowledge	sharing,	and	support 	 opportunities	for	leading	experts	and	advocates 	 from	UBC	and	around	the	world	to	exchange	ideas 	 and	to	influence	future	directions	and	discoveries 3. Capture and openly disseminate academic dialogue 	 and	social	inquiry	in	partnership	with	the	UBC 	 community,	the	Library,	cIRcle	and	Irving	K.	Barber 	 Learning	Centre’s	community	outreach	programmes Objectives Who are we? Bring the world’s knowledge to UBC and connect UBC’s knowledge to the world Capture local events that have global significance Collaborate across UBC Library to make information accessible to anyone, anywhere •	 cIRcle: UBC’s Digital Repository •	 UBC Library Digital Initiatives •	 Irving K. Barber Learning Centre •	 Open UBC •	 Innovative Dissemination of Research Award Find out more about us Top countries viewing materials in cIRcle cIRcle 2010 Olympics  and Paralympics Project viewed	15,	216	times!• Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Webcast Programming Series in cIRcle 				viewed	6,230		times!• BC Mine Reclamation Symposium in cIRcle viewed	2,703	times!• 2008 Vogt Symposium (Nuclear Physics) in cIRcle 	viewed	1,026	times!• Tara	Stephens,	cIRcle,	UBC	Library							July 2011 Library	Systems	& Information	Technology Liaison	Librarians Library	Admin istration Unive rsity	A rchive s cIRcle  (part 	of	Lib rary Digita l	Initi atives ) Irving	K .	Barbe r	Learn ing	Cen tre Commu nity Ou treach a nd Program 	Service s	Librar ians Technical	Services UBC Library cIRcle, UBC’s  Digital Repository UBC’s Community and its Partners Irving K. Barber Learning Centre UBC Library Digital Initiatives


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