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cIRcle: open access to UBC research Colenbrander, Hilde 2010-11-24

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cIRcle: Open Access to UBC Research  Hilde Colenbrander, cIRcle Coordinator November 24th 2010 Scholarly Communications Steering Committee  Inspiring Knowledge Creation, Exploration and Discovery FROM HERE  A database for the UBC community and its partners: ◦ for published and unpublished scholarly materials  All materials in cIRcle are openly accessible on the web circle.ubc.ca  Library pilot project in Spring 2007 Full Library service in Spring 2009  Openly accessible on the web Increased visibility and readership Improved indexing and hence findability Multidisciplinary inquiry Serendipitous discovery and collaboration  Recruiting tool Classroom teaching tool Stable URLs / links Management and preservation of digital materials Open Access mandates (e.g. CIHR) With acknowledgements to SMARTech at Georgia Tech  A database built on Open Source software (DSpace) Organized into Communities and Collections Files are uploaded into Collections Indexed by Google and other search engines cIRcle tracks usage statistics  The vision: to create an international, publicly available showcase for UBC research It’s part of Place and Promise, UBC’s strategic plan  Be a world leader in knowledge exchange and mobilization ◦ Develop a campus strategy for making UBC research accessible in digital repositories, especially open access digital repositories  Increase the impact of UBC research by making it widely available in open access digital repositories ◦ Develop cIRcle into a showcase for research, with emphasis on local, regional and national collaborations  ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories) currently lists nearly 2000 repositories around the world Australia: 61 Brazil: 77 Canada: 61 China: 13 Germany: 124 India: 58 South Africa: 29 UK: 183 USA: 347  http://roar.eprints.org/  Digital materials: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  Research papers Conference and workshop papers Theses and dissertations Exemplary student projects (selected by academic units) Unpublished reports and working papers Books, chapters and sections Datasets Learning objects Multimedia and audio-visual materials  Atlas of BC record https://circle.ubc.ca/handle/2429/21647 Next screen: cover page of Atlas  Copyright owner retains copyright cIRcle requires a non-exclusive license to distribute (from rights holder) Optional: copyright owner may attach a Creative Commons license to their work in cIRcle  More than 29,000 items 26,600 theses and dissertations Includes 113 non-thesis items from UBCO Top item in cIRcle viewed more than 4,100 times (since December 2009)  Professor Judith Lynam School of Nursing: ◦ “As an investigator who is taking up an ‘integrated KT’ approach to dissemination—it is helpful to have some additional ways to refer to work (e.g. reports) that are developed for a broader audience than the typical audience for peer reviewed publications”.  Emeritus Professor R.G. Matson Laboratory of Archaeology: ◦ “cIRcle is searchable, has good use information, and, above all is reliable, in our world of constantly changing URLs.” ◦ “We are impressed [with] the number of downloads recorded in cIRcle, indicating that it has a far wider circulation than we realized.”  Andre Malan UBC undergraduate student ◦ “Nothing makes me strive for excellence more than knowing that anyone in the world could see my work.”  New Graduate Student Society Award to be launched early 2011 Incentive for graduate students to deposit non-thesis work (graded A or A+) in cIRcle Biannual lottery—$$s!  Recognizes and rewards innovative ways of communicating research UBC students, faculty and staff are eligible Awarded annually by UBC Library December 6th, 2010 = deadline for applications 2010 winner: Cycling Route Planner, Michael Brauer and his team www.cyclevancouver.ubc.ca  Enabling you to use cIRcle as your database management system: ◦ Store your research output in cIRcle ◦ Create easy access to your research from your web site ◦ We take care of long term accessibility and preservation  Streamlining uploading procedures  Making all UBC research publicly available through a single web portal ◦ Showcase UBC’s unique contributions to the world!  Hilde Colenbrander ◦ hilde.colenbrander@ubc.ca  


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