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Working draft of a policy on dissemination of research Wasserman, Wyeth; Kirchner, Joy Jan 25, 2011

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Presentation to the Scholarly Communications Steering Committee    Refreshing the motivation    Guiding principles    Key issues that have influenced the current language    Increase the capacity of UBC students, faculty, staff, and alumni to engage internationally/Strengthen UBC’s presence as a globally influential university.  ◦ Enhance UBC’s scholarly communications on global issues, including on the web.    Be a world leader in knowledge exchange and mobilization  ◦ Develop a campus strategy for making UBC research accessible in digital repositories, especially open access repositories       “We hereby: a) Encourage the adoption of Open Access publishing principles at UBC. … b) Call upon researchers to support Open Access. We believe researchers should publish in Open Access journals, and/or deposit their peerreviewed manuscripts in Open Access repositories.” Alma Mater Society Graduate Student Society        We pay for the research (via taxes). We perform the research. We write the papers. We actively participate as peer-reviewers. We should make the work available to anyone in the world. For free. Via links easily found with Google.  Inspired by the words of Michael B. Eisen          Free online access tripled citations of computer science papers (Lawrence, 2001) Open Access can double the readership of astronomy articles (Kurtz, 2004) Higher citation rate for articles in several disciplines observed for Open Access (Brody and Harnard, 2004) Corroborated for philosophy, political science, electrical & electronic engineering and mathematics (Antelman, 2004) increased citations for articles in four other disciplines - economics, applied mathematics, sociology and ecology (Norris, 2008) &view=article&id=560&catid=78&Itemid=391    Visibility and impact of research    Ease with complying & fulfilling grant funding OA mandates    Safe, backed-up secure place to store research output    Persistent web address for citing research    Allows University to negotiate directly with publishers on behalf of authors    Reduce workload managing portfolio of scholarly works    Creates easier access to materials previously only available in print          The library maintains an electronic archive (“Circle”) Google scours Circle and makes the links prominently available in Google Scholar Most journals grant authors permission to deposit their work in their university archive We could be doing it now  References appear in    Must affirm author freedoms           Freedom to publish in any journal Academic freedom essential Copyright belongs to the authors Freedom to withdraw from participation in archive  Must have copyright permissions to deposit articles Must abide by contractual commitments The ultimate implementation must reflect a deep value placed upon faculty time          Educate faculty, affirming UBC commitment to unfettered public access to peer-reviewed research reports Create greater of awareness for copyright agreements Submission process must be highly efficient to minimize the impact on faculty time UBC and Faculty Association must develop an agreement to move beyond ineffectual voluntary contributions      Develop an initial statement that establishes the importance of broad dissemination of UBC research findings and an initial set of actions to be undertaken Create an aspirational vision statement for a future agreement between UBC and the Faculty Association  Attribution Selected slides taken from a presentation provided by Joy Kirchner (released on March 25, 2010) under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.  Immediacy  - Evidence shows the earlier the article is available, the greater the impact: optimal after peer review Publisher embargoes  - Most publishers now allow self-archiving of the author’s final version but impose embargos – timeline varies Copyright  - Many OA mandates require authors to retain their own copyright (Harvard, Duke) Choice of journal in which to publish  - Faculty have strong opinions about what journals to publish in – optimal that policy accommodate that  


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