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Working draft of a policy on dissemination of research Wasserman, Wyeth; Kirchner, Joy 2011-01-25

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Presentation to the Scholarly Communications Steering Committee Refreshing the motivation  Guiding principles  Key issues that have influenced the current language Increase the capacity of UBC students, faculty, staff, and alumni to engage internationally/Strengthen UBC’s presence as a globally influential university. ◦ Enhance UBC’s scholarly communications on global issues, including on the web.  Be a world leader in knowledge exchange and mobilization ◦ Develop a campus strategy for making UBC research accessible in digital repositories, especially open access repositories “We hereby: a) Encourage the adoption of Open Access publishing principles at UBC. … b) Call upon researchers to support Open Access.  We believe researchers should publish in Open Access journals, and/or deposit their peer- reviewed manuscripts in Open Access repositories.”  Alma Mater Society  Graduate Student Society We pay for the research (via taxes).  We perform the research.  We write the papers.  We actively participate as peer-reviewers.  We should make the work available to anyone in the world.  For free. Via links easily found with Google.  Inspired by the words of Michael B. Eisen Free online access tripled citations of computer science papers (Lawrence, 2001)  Open Access can double the readership of astronomy articles (Kurtz, 2004)  Higher citation rate for articles in several disciplines observed for Open Access (Brody and Harnard, 2004)  Corroborated for philosophy, political science, electrical & electronic engineering and mathematics (Antelman, 2004)  increased citations for articles in four other disciplines - economics, applied mathematics, sociology and ecology (Norris, 2008) &view=article&id=560&catid=78&Itemid=391 Visibility and impact of research  Ease with complying & fulfilling grant funding OA mandates  Safe, backed-up secure place to store research output  Persistent web address for citing research  Allows University to negotiate directly with publishers on behalf of authors  Reduce workload managing portfolio of scholarly works  Creates easier access to materials previously only available in print  The library maintains an electronic archive (“Circle”)  Google scours Circle and makes the links prominently available in Google Scholar  Most journals grant authors permission to deposit their work in their university archive  We could be doing it nowReferences appear in mandates-judging-success.html Must affirm author freedoms  Freedom to publish in any journal   Academic freedom essential  Copyright belongs to the authors  Freedom to withdraw from participation in archive  Must have copyright permissions to deposit articles  Must abide by contractual commitments  The ultimate implementation must reflect a deep value placed upon faculty time Educate faculty, affirming UBC commitment to unfettered public access to peer-reviewed research reports  Create greater of awareness for copyright agreements  Submission process must be highly efficient to minimize the impact on faculty time  UBC and Faculty Association must develop an agreement to move beyond ineffectual voluntary contributions  Develop an initial statement that establishes the importance of broad dissemination of UBC research findings and an initial set of actions to be undertaken  Create an aspirational vision statement for a future agreement between UBC and the Faculty AssociationAttribution Selected slides taken from a presentation provided by Joy Kirchner (released on March 25, 2010) under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. sa/3.0/Immediacy - Evidence shows the earlier the article is available, the greater the impact: optimal after peer review Publisher embargoes - Most publishers now allow self-archiving of the author’s final version but impose embargos – timeline varies Copyright - Many OA mandates require authors to retain their own copyright (Harvard, Duke) Choice of journal in which to publish - Faculty have strong opinions about what journals to publish in – optimal that policy accommodate that


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