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Woodward Library Teaching Lab Opening Celebration Taylor, Sally; Zagar, Suzan Feb 16, 2010

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Woodward Library Teaching Lab Opening Celebration Tuesday, February 16, 2010  Our old layout looked like…  But we had some new ideas...  Did you know? • The original teaching lab at Woodward opened in 1998 and was funded in part by the Woodward Foundation…  Did you know? • The original teaching lab had 20 workstations and students could learn how to use email (NetInfo) and search the internet…  Did you know? • With funding from the AMS, the library hired students as Computer Lab Assistants to help others with technical questions in the lab…  Did you know? • A “reghosting” or “yellow” disk was provided by Library Systems to change the teaching lab computers from an OPAC to a Staff Workstation…  Some old course calendars…  Workshops from the past… • Don’t get Caught… in the Web of Science…  Workshops from the past… • Power Searching in PubMed  Workshops from the past… • Become an Expert in OVID  Workshops from the past… • Searching for Nurses  Workshops from the past… • Get Psyched with PsycInfo  Workshops from the past… • Information Hunting & Gathering  Workshops from the past… • Coaching Clinic for Literature Searching  Workshops from the past… • From Genome to Giraffe: Searching the Biological Literature  Workshops from the past… • Finding the Best Evidence  Workshops from the past… • Follow the Tracks…Cited Reference Searching  Workshops from the past… • Prove it! Resources for EvidenceBased Practice  Workshops from the past… • Unlock the UBC Virtual Library: Your Library Card is your Key  Some of our past librarians…  and the secrets they gave up…  and the secrets they gave up…  and the secrets they gave up…  and the secrets they gave up…  and the secrets they gave up…  Welcome to the new lab! • The new lab is can be booked through LIBS. • Teresa taught the inaugural session “PubMed for Librarians”.  What’s new about the new lab? • Since taking dynamite to the central pillar wasn’t an option, we installed one screen and two plasma displays to improve sightlines. • Thanks to the University of Wollongong Library in Australia for the idea!  What’s new about the new lab? • To accommodate a greater number of students and to make the room appear larger, we changed the layout and now have 27 workstations!  What’s new about the new lab? • The old lab was so warm that Charlotte referred to her classes as Bikram yoga workshops. • An air exchange unit helps moderate the room temperature by supplying more fresh air to the space.  What’s new about the new lab? • We selected red chairs over the existing blue ones because the tone better matched the “candlelight” laminate of the tables • The red chairs were inherited from MacMillan Library  The NEW Woodward Teaching Lab was funded by UBC Library and built with the support of: • • • • • • •  UBC Bookstore Media Group Reference & Instruction Committee Library Systems & Information Technology Building Operations Infrastructure Development UBC IT …and the Woodward team!  


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