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UBC and the Olympics come full cIRcle Drexhage, Glenn Oct 31, 2009

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UBC and the  Olympics  come fu l l  cIRcle By Glenn Drexhage A coup le  of  years  ago,  Hi lde  Colenbrander  cha l l enged  a s tuden t  f rom UBC’s  Schoo l  of  L ib ra r y ,  Arch i va l  and In fo rmat i on  Stud ies  to  study  the amount  of  Olympics - re la t ed  research  and teach ing  on the  UBC Poin t  Grey campus. The resu l t i n g  repor t  revea led  a weal th  of  Olympic - re la t ed  mater i a l s f rom an ar ray  of  depar tments  and facu l t i e s  inc l ud i ng   Educat i on ,  Law, Economics ,  Pol i t i c a l  Science ,  Medic ine ,  Geography /Urban  Stud ies , Psycho logy ,  the  Schoo l  of  Popu la t i on  and Publ i c  Heal th ,  to  name a few. Graduate  and underg radua te  act i v i t i e s  were  inc l uded ,  as was a l i s t i n g of  UBC courses  on the  Olympics . The rev iew  of  Olympic - re la t ed  act i v i t i e s  led  to  another  quest i on :  how can so many d ispa ra te  i t ems  be brough t  toge the r? Enter  cIRc le  ( ht tps : / / c i r c l e . u b c . ca ) ,  UBC’s  ins t i t u t i o n a l  repos i t o r y ( IR )  – an onl i ne  sto rehouse  fo r  the  Unive rs i t y ’ s  teach ing  and research outpu t . UBC Lib ra r y  launched  cIRc le  more than  two  years  ago;  to  date ,  i t  hos ts over  13,000  i t ems  and more mater i a l  i s  added da i l y .  The b igges t propor t i o n  of  submiss ions  in  cIRc le  cons is t s  of  theses  and d isse r t a t i o n s ,  but  the re  are  many other  i t ems ,  inc l ud i ng  webcasts  and podcas ts .  cIRc le  is  a lso  an “open  access ”  repos i t o r y ,  meaning  tha t  i t s conten ts  are  f ree l y  ava i l ab l e  to  users  around  the  wor ld . A new l i b r a r i a n  wi l l  soon  begin  co l l ec t i o n  of  as much Olympics mater i a l  as poss ib l e  to  s to re  in  cIRc le .  Cont r i bu t i o ns  are  vo lun ta r y ; the  goa l  is  to  make the  conten t  unive rsa l l y  ava i l ab l e  and have  the pro jec t  serve  as a long- te rm UBC legacy . The new pos i t i o n  wi l l  las t  fo r  18 months  (ha l f  t ime) ,  and wi l l encompass  arch i v i ng  and d issemina t i ng  mater i a l s  both  befo re  and af te r the  2010 Olympic  and Para l ymp ic  Winte r  Games.


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