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UBC and the Olympics come full cIRcle Drexhage, Glenn 2009-10-31

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UBC and the Olympics come full cIRcle By Glenn DrexhageA couple of years ago, Hilde Colenbrander challenged a student from UBC’s School of Library, Archival and Information Studies to study the amount of Olympics-related research and teaching on the UBC Point Grey campus.The resulting report revealed a wealth of Olympic-related materials from an array of departments and faculties including  Education, Law, Economics, Political Science, Medicine, Geography/Urban Studies, Psychology, the School of Population and Public Health, to name a few. Graduate and undergraduate activities were included, as was a listing of UBC courses on the Olympics.The review of Olympic-related activities led to another question: how can so many disparate items be brought together?Enter cIRcle (https://circle.ubc.ca), UBC’s institutional repository (IR) – an online storehouse for the University’s teaching and research output. UBC Library launched cIRcle more than two years ago; to date, it hosts over 13,000 items and more material is added daily. The biggest proportion of submissions in cIRcle consists of theses and dissertations, but there are many other items, including webcasts and podcasts. cIRcle is also an “open access” repository, meaning that its contents are freely available to users around the world.A new librarian will soon begin collection of as much Olympics material as possible to store in cIRcle. Contributions are voluntary; the goal is to make the content universally available and have the project serve as a long-term UBC legacy.The new position will last for 18 months (half time), and will encompass archiving and disseminating materials both before and after the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. UBC and the Olympics come fu l l  cIRc le  By Glenn Drexhage A coup l e of year s ago, Hi l de Colenb rande r cha l l e n ged a s tuden t f r om UBC’s Schoo l of L ib r a r y , Arch i v a l and In f o rma t i o n Stud i e s to s tudy the amount of Olympics - re l a t e d resea r ch and teach i n g on the UBC Poin t Grey campus. The resu l t i n g repo r t revea l ed a weal t h of Olympic - re l a t e d mater i a l s f r om an ar r a y of depar tmen t s and facu l t i e s i n c l u d i n g Educa t i o n , Law, Economics , Pol i t i c a l Science , Medic i n e , Geography /U r ban Stud i e s , Psycho l ogy , the Schoo l of Popu la t i o n and Publ i c Heal t h , to name a few . Gradua te and underg r adua t e ac t i v i t i e s were i n c l u ded , as was a l i s t i n g of UBC courses on the Olympic s . The rev i ew of Olympi c - re l a t e d ac t i v i t i e s l ed to anothe r ques t i o n : can so many d i spa r a t e i t ems be brough t toge t he r ?  how  Ente r cIRc l e ( ht t p s : / / c i r c l e . u b c . c a ) , UBC’s in s t i t u t i o n a l repos i t o r y ( IR ) – an on l i n e sto r ehouse fo r the Unive r s i t y ’ s teach i n g and resea r c h outpu t . UBC L ib r a r y l aunched cIRc l e more than two years ago; to date , i t hos t s over 13,000 i t ems and more mate r i a l i s added da i l y . The b igges t propo r t i o n of submiss i o n s i n c IRc l e cons i s t s of theses and d i sse r t a t i o n s , but the r e are many othe r i t ems , i n c l u d i n g webcas t s and podcas t s . cIRc l e i s a l so an “open access ” repos i t o r y , meaning tha t i t s con ten t s are f r ee l y ava i l a b l e to users around the wor l d . A new l i b r a r i a n wi l l soon beg i n co l l e c t i o n of as much Olympic s mate r i a l as poss i b l e to s to r e i n c IRc l e . Cont r i b u t i o n s are vo l un t a r y ; the goa l i s to make the con ten t un i ve r s a l l y ava i l a b l e and have the pro j e c t serve as a l ong - te rm UBC l egacy . The new pos i t i o n wi l l l as t fo r 18 months (ha l f t ime ) , and wi l l encompass arch i v i n g and d i ssemina t i n g mater i a l s both befo r e and af t e r the 2010 Olympic and Para l ymp i c Winte r Games.  


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