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Digital tattoo: highly visible and hard to remove Rogic, Novak; Rosseel, Trish; Underhill, Cindy; Walker, Elizabeth Aug 24, 2009

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http://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca Highly Visible and Hard to Remove Novak Rogic Trish Rosseel Cindy Underhill Elizabeth Walker Context Usage of social networking tools is high… 55% of 18-34 year olds have placed a personal profile on at least one online social network or community 65% have one on Facebook 20% on Classmates.com 15% on MySpace 13% on Windows Live Space Nearly 25,000 Facebook users at UBC …and can be problematic The peril of politics for Ray Lam Bawdy behaviour at the border Allegations and arrests http://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca http://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca Project Goal To help students become aware of their rights and responsibilities as creators and consumers of digital information in their… …personal …academic and …professional lives http://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca Project Partners Access & Diversity Career Services Library Office of Learning Technology Student Development Writing Centre http://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca What We Did Produced interactive, student-generated website Developed supporting materials for campus-wide campaign Developed train the trainer style resources Trained and supported web authors Solicited user feedback Attracted media attention http://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca Learning Design Principles: non-linear, interactive, non- judgmental , timely, content selection/creation by students Objectives around knowledge, skills and attitudes Engagement strategies: make it easy - low stakes: self assessment, checklists, polls, comments Opportunities for deeper exploration: feeds, blog posts and context specific links http://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca Content Development What do students want/need to know about? How can we make it accessible and meaningful? Keep it updated and fresh Get a wider presence http://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca Demo http://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca Technical Infrastructure WP-MU: Blog-based, many Feeds in Feeds out: Coming Soon! Tutorial format: one that allows for easy sharing/re-publishing to encourage broad usability http://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca Future Plans Seeking new partners… To expand content To extend reach To inform future developments To contribute ongoing support BCcampus OPDF, UVic/TRU potential partners


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