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Local newspapers, Rattenbury plans Books from special collections  Circle UBC  Digitize selected item from photograph collection in Archives. Digitize photographs of artifacts in Museum  British Colonist, Robert Graves Diary, Early Victoria History, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Archive, McLure Architectural Drawings Canadian Military Oral History Collection, O.H. Dodds WWI Scrapbook, Colonial Dispatches Pearkes Collection, Abkhazi Archive, Lidgate Medieval Manuscript  The Law Project based on funding by the BC Law Foundation.  Digitizing the “BC Teacher”, the magazine published by the BCTF from about 1920.  Graduating Student Show - images and videos ECUAD history archival material. Other archival material related to art and artists BC Artists - this could be a joint project between several art related organizations and schools.  We would like to digitize 64 unpublished reports of the Site C Dam project from 1991 as it is such a topical issue. Also, another project would be a complete bibliography of historical documents on the Peace region, currently only in print format.  UBC Framed Works Collection, Dr. Andrew McCormick Collection, Bookplate Collection, Capilano Timber Company Photograph Collection, Emma Crosby Letters, Fisherman Publishing Society Photograph Collection, Japanese Canadian Photograph Collection, Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era, MacMillan Bloedel Photograph Collection, Peter B. Anderson Photograph Collection, World War I Photograph Collection . We have been digitizing our photographs for staff and researcher uses only at this time.  We would love to digitize our local history collection.  Eleanor Muehle Newspaper Archive www.terracelibrary.ca.  Squamish historical photo collection, Squamish community newspapers 1947 - 2001, plan to add audio & video taped interviews with Squamish pioneers and more historical photos.  British Columbia Sheet Music  City of Richmond Archives photograph holdings, City of Richmond Archives maps and plans holdings, Elliston photograph collection, BC Packers insurance photographs and maps, Henry Barker letter books, History of Lulu Island (publication), Richmond Schools (publication), History of Richmond (virtual exhibit), Cenotaph (virtual exhibit).  We would like to have our archived newspapers digitized. That would be a high priority.  ”Surrey Leader Press” Negatives Project (Barber funded).  Local History materials (plan to do).  The digitization of Sechelt's historic photographs.  Historical legislation digitization project Historical documents digitization project.  BC Printing Arts Project (2008-2009), Multicultrual Canada Project (2007-2008), Indo-Canadian Oral History (2007-2008), CHODARR (2006- ), Editorial Cartoons (2001- ), SFU Theses (2004- ), Our Roots (2003-2004), Doukbobor Collection (2001-2004),  Harrison Brown Collection (2003- 2004), Canadian Journal of Communication (2004-2005),  Archivaria /Canadian Archivist(2005- 2006), Mai68 (2006) Book and course material digitization for SFU disabled students (2005- )  Vernon News (newspaper) now being digitized with funding from ORL, UBCO, and Okanagan College  Course outlines archive (done by library) http://www.cnc.bc.ca/tools/courseoutlines/, Prince George Newspapers project (collaboration with local libraries, Barber etc.) http://content.lib.sfu.ca/pgpl/search.php, CNC Calendars (library archives, ongoing project) http://www.cnc.bc.ca/Exploring/Calendar/CNC_Calendar_Cover_Archives.htm, Opening New Caledonia (Collaboration with local museum, CNC digitized large forestry image collection) http://www.openingnewcaledonia.ca/.   Just opened: we are planning an oral histories project and photo database for digital display.  Photographs of houses in Burkeville subdivision, copies of school photographs from 1946 to the present.  "Aircraft Maintenance Training: The First 50 Years 1936-1986" . Prince George Newspaper Digitization Project.  All of the local cemeteries will be finished next year. We did five this year.  Northwood Pulp and Timber Ltd. fonds Digitization Project; Northern BC Historical & Economic Explorations Digitization Project.  Ongoing upgrading of the BC (and Canadian) Register of Historic Places.  We have been providing digital copies of our non profit society published community newspaper online since 2007...we would like to backdate the historical record of this newspaper online from its inception in the early 1970s since it provides the most complete modern historical record of our community.  Dspace@RRU (archival material and theses); Cadet Oral History Project; Garden Inventory Project.  Our Historical Association and Archives are carrying out the digitization of historical collections here.  A future project is to digitize the 14 Simon Fraser records that we hold from the 1840's.  Any of our historic photographs.  Local histories.  Photograph redescription and scanning project Mc&Mc catalougue project VanDusen Garden Association photographs project Motion picture digitization project Audio digitization project.  Cottonwood House Daybooks (representative sample).  Historic Photographs Collection (6000+ images relating to our organization's history).  Heritage Burnaby website.  Saanich Archives Photograph Collection: available online at http://saanicharchives.ca. Logging in the Bella Coola Valley: A Digital Heritage Project Phase by BC Central Coast Archives.  We digitized all of our local newspapers since the town's inception. Also, the main employers newsletters for a limited period of time.  Photograph Preservation Digitization project.  The Bill Silver Newspaper Archive Collection.  BCGS Quarterlies 1979 to present.  The digitization of the Pearson College Archives (multi-media) and the digitization of the The Dr. Giovanni Costigan Lecture Series (Videos).  Digitization of historical documents currently held on microfilm & microfiche.  Northwood Pulp & Timber Ltd Digitization Project Northern BC Surveying History Digitization Project.  www.heritageburnaby.ca.  Archival photographs, audio, previous exhibits  Our organization digitized the Carnegie Newsletter. We worked in partnership with SFU. We created the index and shared our index with SFU in exchange for the SFU library scanning all issues.  Open Book on-line publications on artwork in the permanent Collection.  University Archives.  Collections Research Enhancement Project Jensen Archival Photographs.  BC Packers.  Okanagan Valley photographers negative library.  Northern St'at'imcets pages  www.firstvoices.ca.  Complete list available at:  http://angel.library.ubc.ca/index.php.       Survey Results December 2, 2008    Other – Material Types Art work/graphic material Artefacts/3-dimensional objects   Other – Providing access to digitized material BC Archival Union List/Archives Canada Canadian Heritage Information Network Virtual Museums of Canada Multi-Cultural Canada  Other sources of funding Private donations Sales/fee revenues BC Gaming Commission Municipal/local government funding Columbia Basin Trust Young Canada Works  Other reasons for not scanning Copyright restrictions Just opened Other priorities Link to digitization projects completed or planned  Used Digitized Material in Research/Teaching -- Yes Easy, fast & convenient – readily available Quicker and more efficient research – don’t need to travel to source Only available in electronic format Not available in community Engage students in a medium familiar to them – link students to digital surrogates of primary documents Used Digitized Material in Research/Teaching -- No Materials I need had not been digitized Prefer original sources Question of accuracy Did not know if they existed No specific need  Other – Where have you accessed digital material Home computer Government and private organization School library and computer lab Government office  Adequate Digitized BC Material – Sample Responses Only a small fraction of the local newspapers, local publications and contents of local museums and archives are currently available digitally Much of the digital material comes from outside BC. -- resources are improving, with libraries and museums digitizing more of their resources I live in a rural area so access to digitized material on the Internet is my first choice More papers would be beneficial to assist our patrons BC institutions should be encouraged to continue making material available Online material constantly sparks new interests and ideas. The more material that is easily available, the more possibility for new research and new ideas Adequate Digitized BC Material – Sample Responses There is a wealth of historical information about historical places that is not yet available in digital form We need museums in BC through one portal, with one overarching digitization program. One searchable photobank, one shared catalogue I would like to see all the small libraries digitize their “local interest” collections (history, biography, geography, cultural heritage) Students are particularly interested in old towns of BC or localized topics – resources are improving with libraries and museums digitizing collections General areas in need of digitization – colonial material, newspapers, local histories, directories, land records, cemetery records, early school and church histories, census, audio and film, archival descriptions and maps  General comments re: digitization in B.C. – Sample Responses In a school setting, it is not just a matter of providing materials in a digitized format. it is also essential that teachers have the technical infrastructure (i.e. computers and projectors) in their classrooms to be able to make use of them. Need assistance in finding, funding and implementing OCR software. Would particularly like to have the functionality of Early Canadiana online database for our newspapers and historical documents. Hope affordable training could be provided in smaller centers not just larger towns or made available reasonably cheaply online. Resource person available to help with advice with projects Very interested in collaboration so that the maximum amount of material is digitized and available to the public. Books for example are a lesser priority to a public library as we will have less that is unique. Would digitize newspapers and periodical if unique. Our attempts to digitize our local history collection has been done very piecemeal over many years due to lack of funding and staff time. It is frustrating not being able to make this collection accessible to the public. I am concerned about selective digitization of material in archival fonds Institutions should be encouraged to make unique information available and to coordinate digitization of materials such as newspapers and journals. General comments re: digitization in B.C. – Sample Responses I have concerns that too much digitization is happening simply for digitization's sake. Projects are driven more by the availability of funding (even in my own institution) than for sound holdings development and access priority reasons. My priority would be to make available materials that are unique and NOT available in multiple copies (such as hard copies of journals or books) -- if I want those, I can find them but more easily than I can find original archival materials that are only available in one location and that I might not even know about without very strong archival descriptions. In addition to digitizing, I would like to emphasize the need for indexing ! There are some good US examples, including American Historical Newspapers which is available thru NY Pub Library system and likely other US libraries. I would love to have more access to genealogical and people search resources. More city directories, newspapers, professional membership lists, school annuals, old voters lists. Funding is a big concern, what grants are available for digitization projects? Other than the BC digitization symposium, is there any way (ie listserv, blog) for institutions to communicate with each other who are engaged or want to engage in digitization? It seems that those without the technical expertise cannot obtain funding to develop the expertise and to begin the process. We have applied to numerous sources for assistance but have never obtained the funding needed to begin to archive our materials in a professional manner.


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