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Jack Kobayashi : an interview with a UBC Japanese Canadian student of 1942 Kobayashi, Jack 2012

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File Time Location Key Words Description Notes 1 0:00-2:26 Apartment Introduction, born Langley Prairie February 1922, story of how came to attend UBC 1 2:26-4:41 Apartment Growing up, Father, work Growing up in family of 11 children, older brothers worked, father was gardener, sister housework 1 4:41-6:00 Apartment Family, Father Father born in fishing town, oldest sister born in Japan, idea of coming to Canada to make money, didn't return until 51 years later 1 6:00-6:42 Apartment Mother and Father Unsure when mother and father got married, not sure where mother born 1 6:42-7:06 Apartment Mother, work, Vancouver, New Westminster Mother was housewife in Vancouver, worked in cannery in New Westminster 1 7:06-7:49 Apartment Langley, Father, work In Langley, farm wasn't good so father worked in sawmill, father injured at sawmill wind, window closed 1 7:49-8:46 Apartment Langley, Father, work, Vancouver Description of Langley, move to new house, farm wasn't good for growing strawberries, therefore moved to Vancouver 1 8:46-9:09 Apartment Langley location of the farm in Langley, close to American border 1 9:09-9:31 Apartment Schoolhouse Description of schoolhouse 2 00:00-1:05 Apartment Langley, recreation What did you do for fun in Langley? One friendly Japanese family, they moved to Montreal Construction sounds 2 1:05-2:02 Apartment Sister, Prince Rupert Oldest sister in Vancouver was married, moved to Prince Rupert, sister got pneumonia and passed away, 2nd oldest sister had intestine operation Construction sounds 2 2:02-3:04 Apartment False Creek, Vancouver, Housing Description of False Creek in Vancouver, 2nd sister oldest bought condo False Creek 2 3:04-3:27 Apartment Housing, Vancouver Moved around a lot in Vancouver because of housing prices 2 3:27-4:57 Apartment Henry Hudson School, name Story of his name: Henry Hudson's School near Broad bridge was Hiroyoshi, then changed name to Jack, had to change first and second name 2 4:57-5:42 Apartment Japanese community, housing Description of location of Japanese community, he lived a bit off near Burrard bridge, most Japanese near 1st or 2nd avenue 2 5:42-6:25 Apartment Japanese school, Mother, English, Montreal Japanese school, girls studied, boys didn't, doesn't remember much, Mother moved to Montreal, didn't know English, 2 6:30-7:15 Apartment Vancouver, recreation, army Memories of Vancouver: rollerskating on the street, high school, recruitment for the army, "flat feet" therefore couldn't join, couldn't afford special things 2 7:15-7:45 Apartment Recreation Would play "tin money", rollerskate across the bridge 2 7:45-8:15 Apartment Recreation rollerskate hockey, dangerous on the street 3 0:08-0:53 Apartment Japanese community, high school Japanese families in high school, walked to Kitsilano high school following railway tracks 3 0:53-1:12 Apartment Senior street, George Suzuki, recreation Was on *Senior* Street, latch on halfway up on the walk, in highschool was doing photography with George Suzuki 3 1:12-1:33 Apartment George Suzuki, Vancouver, military George Suzuki was in Vancouver military intelligence service, he was hurt in airplane crash 3 1:33-2:25 Apartment Recreation, highschool In highschool they ran the projector, description of running the projector, the projectionist sat there 3 2:25-3:03 Apartment Fifth Avenue House, recreation, highschool Fifth Avenue House basement ran own theatre, kids paid 5-10cents and ran own films, auditorium in highschool ran films 3 3:03-3:52 Apartment Henry House, food Henry House, would go across the street with a 10cents milk bottle, cent candy 3 3:52-4:56 Apartment Vancouver South, Fraser River, farm, Chinese community, work Lived in Vancouver South near the Fraser River, left side was Chinese farms, Blenheim Street cannery, kids would take own bento to school 3 4:56-5:35 Apartment Can order bento box these days 3 5:35-6:00 Apartment School At that school near the river, would take own lunch, sat in corridor, not in the cafeteria Radio 3 6:06-7:17 Apartment UBC Memories of UBC: Math course levels of Math I, Math II Radio 3 7:34-7:53 Apartment High school How got to high school Radio 3 8:41-9:00 Apartment UBC Why go to UBC: It was closest and logical place, now hear about other University Radio 3 9:26-9:36 Apartment UBC Didn't think of any other place for university Radio 3 9:37-10:04 Apartment UBC, family, work Sisters didn't go to UBC, couldn't afford it, boys had to work, had to support 11 kids Radio 3 10:04-11:23 Apartment Family, work, Vancouver Lumber Company Brother liked cars and trucks, Vancouver Lumber Company sawdust, brothers would deliver sawdust to houses, he helped Radio 3 11:23-11:42 Apartment Housing, Vancouver Lived on 7th Ave near Granville, big fire burnt Radio 4 00:00-0:33 Apartment Parents, university Did parents want you to go to University?: importance of education 4 0:39-0:55 Apartment UBC, Pearl Harbour At UBC for a few months, then Pearl Harbour? 4 1:06-1:44 Apartment Evacuation, family Evacuation: families given one day to leave, one suitcase, sent to ghost towns 4 1:44-2:12 Apartment Family, work, Blind Bay, evacuation Brother had connection with sawmills and trucks, arranged for family to go on own in interior, went Blind Bay (Shuswap Lake) 4 2:12-3:18 Apartment Family, housing, work Built own houses, built own sawmill, bought harvesting engine run by steam, description of the process, 4 3:18-4:18 Apartment Work, family Had trouble with "white man", no payments from him, they were supposed to provide food in exchange for the lumber, family had no money, no food 4 4:18-4:46 Apartment Family, Vancouver, Kamloops Sister and brother went to Vancouver, family went to Kamloops 4 4:46-5:04 Apartment Kamlooops, Uncle Rest of family stayed in Kamloops, Uncle had 14 kids 4 5:04-5:50 Apartment Kamloops, family, Montreal Moved to Kamloops, only allowed to go to North, Alberta or farms, friend arranged for him to go to Montreal 4 5:50-6:26 Apartment Montreal Was able to get a train ticket to Montreal 4 6:26-7:00 Apartment Work Worked in radio service showed Amateur Radio Stat 4 7:09-7:23 Apartment Work Had to have license and had to get call sign 4 7:32-8:28 Apartment Work Job fixing radio repair service in Montreal, apply to RCA making military equipment, 4 8:28-9:58 Apartment Work SPAR aerospace making helicopters, RCA got into communications, description of RCA company 4 9:58-10:42 Apartment Work Communications ended up in microwave stations, 4 10:42-11:30 Apartment Work Never took any professional education, was a technician 4 11:30-11:53 Apartment Son has experience with equipment, however no professional education 4 11:53-12:20 Apartment Work, UBC, tribute Did you want to be an engineer when you went to UBC?: doesn't remember, a few months, getting a B.A. degree 4 12:20-12:54 Apartment Tribute, Vancouver, Kitagawa Letters from UBC for this honourary degree, talked to Mary Kitagawa, official reception attendance, 4 12:58-13:58 Apartment Tribute, Vancouver, Whitehorse Lot of people are invited to go, staying with sister's daughter in Vancouver, relatives from Whitehorse invited, 4 14:09-14:43 Apartment Tribute Mayor inviting everyone to City Hall for a party, bought a white shirt 4 14:54-15:23 Apartment Tribute, honourary degree What does it mean for you to have the honourary degree?: will hang on wall, 4 15:23-15:45 Apartment Tribute Does it mean something for further generations?: Wasn't really earned, because didn't go to the courses 4 15:45-16:33 Apartment Tribute, UBC, BC Securities Commission What does it symbolize?: UBC sponsoring, however BC Securities Comission responsible, 4 16:38-18:24 Apartment Tribute, UBC UBC couldn't offer a subsidy for airfare, flight centre $970 for flight, $360 for flight because of warning of the stroke, 4 18:24-19:06 Apartment Vancouver, family Last time in Vancouver?:brother's birthday party, 90th birthday party, 4 19:07-19:37 Apartment Vancouver 1967 drove to Vancouver, highway roads in Canada bad, via Sioux St. Marie and then to America then come up in Alberta 4 19:37-19:55 Apartment UBC Did you go back to UBC? No, last time in UBC was when we left 4 19:55-21:00 Apartment Vancouver, Father, work Know Point Grey because father did garden work in those rich people's places, mowed lawn, 5 00:00-00:50 Apartment Tribute, Kitagawa Were you surprised to hear about the honourary degree?: Yes, Mary working hard, heights, phone numbers 5 00:50-02:42 Apartment Vancouver, tribute Looked up Delta, bought map of City of Vancouver, bought suitcase, preparations for the trip 5 3:07-4:25 Apartment Tribute, UBC Why has UBC decided to do this now? It's been 70 years: TIA stroke, RBC doing medical insurance, issue of insurance 5 4:25-05:47 Apartment UBC, Vancouver, Japanese Canadian community Why UBC doing this when everyone is elderly?: Special committee head, Vancouver there is a Japanese-Canadian association 5 5:47-6:27 Apartment BC Security Commission, evacuation BC Security Commission is responsible, excuse of Japanese would sabotage, seized all Japanese fishing boats, shipped people off 5 6:27-6:57 Apartment Work Amateur radion station was sold for 99cents, never cashed the cheque 5 6:57-7:57 Apartment Work Satellite communication job allowed world travel, ended up in Iran/India/Japan/Newfoundland 5 7:57-8:44 Apartment Vancouver, Kamloops, Blind Bay, Shuswap lake After Vancouver went to Kamloops?: No, Kamloops was only evacuation time, went to Blind Bay just a bush, can rent houseboat on Shuswap lake 5 8:44-9:28 Apartment Kamloops, internment, family, Montreal What was Kamloops like during internment?: family stayed, he was there only few weeks, he went to Montreal, then family all came to Montreal, then gradually came back West 5 9:28-9:57 Apartment Blind Bay, Vancouver Blind Bay is a resort now, went back in 1967 to Vancouver, stopped at Blind Bay, no sawmill no houses, 5 9:57-11:54 Apartment Recreation Did you ever go fishing on the lake?: No, in Newfoundland fishing, a lot of sport fishing, ended up with 21 foot cabin cruise, camping, description of cruises 6 00:00-1:01 Apartment Father, work, internment What did your parents do after the internment to make money?: Father into japanese books in Montreal, father worked on Hope to Princeton highway, rest of family 6 1:01-1:40 Apartment Family, education, Japanese community Family broken up, didn't provide education for family and children, Japanese ladies got together and got the children, future wife was one the teachers 6 1:40-2:18 Apartment Japanese community, Toronto, Momiji Centre Describing the picture: Momiji Centre, held in Toronto, teachers taught in the ghost town, Picture of Japanese teachers 6 2:20-3:03 Apartment Tashme, internment Tashme was the other ghost town, broken down mining town, tar paper walls, not there anymore 6 3:03-3:23 Apartment Internment, New Denver New Denver was a small town, now a resort town 6 3:24-4:45 Apartment Internment, Mother, Father Did your parents ever talk about the internment? What do you think about how they felt?: Japanese word for "what can you do", Shoganai/Shikataganai, tendency turns out for the good, because they moved away from B.C. 6 4:45-5:20 Apartment British Columbia, Canada, When Canada incorporated, British Columbia population was small, now B.C. is growing, back then wasn't very advanced (?) 6 5:23-5:48 Apartment Montreal, family, Ontario, British Columbia When was your family reunited?: In Montreal, all the family in one little house, then moved to Ontario all the way back to B.C. 6 5:48-6:34 Apartment Family Do you remember the first day everyone was back together?: I remember the most is that we could eat as much as we wanted, up until then short on food, then after Montreal, separated 6 6:34-7:18 Apartment Family, Alberta, Ontario, work Brother to Alberta sugar beet farm, or Ontario farm or places up North, not much choice 6 7:25-8:10 Apartment Family, Montreal Together in Montreal for short period, How did your parents feel with the family together if it was just for a short period of time? 6 8:10-8:42 Apartment Mother, Montreal, family Mother died fairly young in Montreal, then separated 6 8:50-9:30 Apartment UBC How do you think your life would have been different if you stayed at UBC?: Learning the three maths, maybe would've graduated, that was a bad start 6 9:30-10:31 Apartment Work But no formal electronic education, did quite well, could've done better, stayed a technician, but got to travel a lot, traveling all paid, happy about that 6 10:31-10:50 Apartment Work Microwave is obselete now, traveling in Iran stayed the longest 6 10:50-12:08 Apartment Redress, America, wife What do you think about the Redress in 1988?: was because they did it in America, received money, wife said to repair the roof, bought camper instead, traveled around 6 12:08-12:50 Apartment Redress Did you think it was the right thing to do?: realized that it was based on the fact that Japanese would do sabotage, turns out that only 1 saboteur 6 12:50-13:15 Apartment Redress, Victoria, work, Pearl Harbour In Victoria where wife working after Pearl Harbour, next day all laid off 6 13:36-14:07 Apartment UBC, students Do you still keep in touch with some of your fellow students?: No, don’t know anyone 6 14:07-14:27 Apartment UBC, Officers Training Corps Were you in the officer's training corps?: No, because of flat feet, high or UBC not sure, never got into military 6 14:27-15:08 Apartment UBC, work Do you remember what it was like during wartime to be in school?: Was working in SPAR aerospace, during retirement 6 15:08-15:47 Apartment war, Vancouver What about between 1939 and…what was it like to be a student during wartime? Was Vancouver differnet during that time?: 6 15:47-16:08 Apartment Is there anything you'd like to say about the past, or history, or anything?:


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