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Frederick Sasaki Yoshihide : an interview with a UBC Japanese Canadian student of 1942 Sasaki, Frederick Yoshihide 2012

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File  Time 1 0:00-0:18 1 0:18-0:40  Location Momiji Apartment Momiji Apartment  1 0:40-1:48  Momiji Apartment  1 1:48-3:54  Momiji Apartment  Key Words introduction Mother, immigration  Description Introducing himself, D.O.B., location Came by ship, mother had quite a time as a pregnant woman Significance of being born in Japan, always classed as Japanese National, Enemy Alien, had to report everything Citizenship, War, RCMP month to the RCMP during the war, evacuation, UBC, Calgary evacuation, UBC, Calgary, Edmonton, Japanese Nationals  1 3:54-5:02  Momiji Apartment  1 5:02-6:09  Momiji Apartment  1 6:09-7:20  Momiji Apartment  1 7:24-8:33  Momiji Apartment  1 8:40-10:06  Momiji Apartment  Soccer, Vancouver Soccer, UBC, Thunderbirds immigration, Father, Mother, War evacuation, UBC, Calgary  1 10:06-12:02 Momiji Apartment  Father, immigration, work, evacuation  1 12:08-14:21 Momiji Apartment 1 14:21-15:00 Momiji Apartment  2 3:38-5:05  Momiji Apartment  2 5:05-8:06  Momiji Apartment  2 8:06-11:43  Momiji Apartment  UBC, work, Father  Momiji Apartment Momiji Apartment  2 11:43-13:43 Momiji Apartment 2 13:43-14:59 Momiji Apartment  UBC, work, food, issei Father, Brittania, UBC, work  3 0:00-4:33  Momiji Apartment  Father, work, school  3 4:33-6:30  Momiji Apartment  3 6:30-8:03 3 8:03-9:18  Momiji Apartment Momiji Apartment  Work, UBC Work, UBC, Father, Mother UBC, soccer Father, Mother, RCMP, Pearl Harbour, evacuation  3 9:18-12:59  Momiji Apartment  When went to UBC, graduating year had to leave B.C. in first week of January, lived with sister had married family in Calgary, Kuwahara(?), UBC Professors sending mail to Calgary, courses taken, Calgary Library studying Three UBC students classed as Japanese Nationals (Saburo Takahashi, Nori Nishio, and Fred Sasaki), Nishio and Takahashi went to University of Alberta in Edmonton, Fred went to Calgary and professors sent materials, Soccer, lived near Hastings Park, soccer in Tom Jones park, New Westminster Royals soccer team, every Saturday would watch Soccer team at UBC, Captain of UBC Soccer team, objective to get Big Bloc Sweater, won sweater 3 times in a row, UBC Thunderbirds Soccer Team Brought at nine months old to Canada, father came in 1907, 1918 married mother, parents suggested she stay in Japan until baby born, classed as Enemy Alien In January had to get out of 100 mile zone, sister married Kuwaharas, studied at Calgary library, Father: came to Canada in 1907 when 16 years old, Anglican priest found him a place to live with fire chief of Vancouver, worked as houseboy, had logging company shipping to Japan and UK, couldn't become a Canadian citizen until war ended, 1946  activities done in Vancouver: father came home with tennis racket and gave to Fred, played tennis and soccer, recreation, Vancouver, won B.C. Open Tennis Championship for all Japanese in B.C. for singles and doubles, City of Toronto public courts soccer, tennis, Father tennis championship, played soccer with a box of wood until someone had a soccer ball Mother, brother, Elementary school: lived on 76 Cordova Street until 12 years old, lost brother in 1926 (cut off) habitation Mother, Father, Strathcona, Japanese, Hastings, school School, Hastings School, Hastings, Strathcona, Templeton, Brittania, Japanese Language School, Alexander Street, Mother  2 0:00-2:40 2 2:40-3:38  Notes  Brother in hospital, Mother was heartbroken, so moved near Hastings Park when 12 years old, Strathcona Public School, grade 5 moved to Hastings, all friends were Japanese at Strathcona, when moved all friends were Canadians, had to speak English, only Japanese in class at Hastings School Adjusted to change in school, Valentine's Day memory, only student of Japanese origin in the class Grade 1-6 was at Strathcona, then Hastings School, Templeton Junior High School grad 7-9, Brittania High School grade 10-12, Hastings School speak English, Strathcona was multicultural Alexander Street Japanese School, feelings about Japanese school, Mother disciplined him, only one left in the class studying everyone else had dropped off Summer: once at UBC, Father employed him at Coons logging camp, helped mechanics, or cut logs, all Japanese workers Logging camp: cook would make o-nigiri, Japanese food, around issei, read UBC school books Went to work: at Brittania and Father removed him (cut off) Father's friend at Royal Bank of Canada wanted to hire Fred, Fred looked after savings accounts of all the customers, hairstyle at that time, served only Japanese customers, after bank closed at 3pm could work in different areas, learnt banking business Canadian Banker's Association courses with Queen's University, took course by correspondence Associate of the Canadian Banker's Association, 3 years at Queen's University, went to night school to get junior matriculation Why went to UBC: Father had good business, Mother said he would go to school At UBC: soccer team Evacuation: description of what happened after Pearl Harbour, took father away, memory of newspaper headline, Mother's feelings, Kuwahara family in Calgary  4 1:01-4:23  Momiji Apartment  Father, Mother, family, Kuwahara family, UBC Professor Morrow instructed professors to send all course materials to Calgary, studying in separation, UBC Calgary UBC, separation Professor Morrow helped him because sympathetic and took him as own son Professors in Commerce did not discriminate, disappointed to leave soccer team, description of soccer, explained UBC, separation to teammates that had to leave interruption from phone  4 4:23-5:55  Momiji Apartment  UBC, separation  4 5:55-8:50  Momiji Apartment  4 8:50-10:09  Momiji Apartment  3 12:59-14:59 Momiji Apartment 4 0:00-1:01 Momiji Apartment  Momiji Apartment  Keep in contact with UBC students, Teammates understood that he had to leave UBC, most were hakujin Did you think you would come back to UBC?, Feelings about separation, Tommy Shoyama editor of New Separation, Father, Canadian arranged for Kaslo for Fred's family, United Church, family went to Kaslo, father in Angler internment camp, Fred in Calgary Mother, family, UBC Mother, Father, family, Letters to Mother and family, Censored letters, Roy Shinobu kept letters, knew Roy through Tatsuro Shigematsu separation at UBC, drove them to UBC every morning When did you see each other again? Fred in Calgary wrote to Mrs. C.V. Booth in charge of evacuation by Work, separation, government to get family together again, Booth advised go East to Ontario, so in April 1943 came to Toronto, family, Father, Mother, saw Mr. Truman who helped Nisseis settle in Ontario, suggested work for farmer in Niagara Peninsula, farms relocation needed workers because Canadians in the armed forces Work, separation, Truman send him to farmer in St. Catherines, father and son interviewed him but no hire, Toronto Die and family, Father, Mother, Chemical went there but owner said he couldn't hire Fred because workers didn't want Jap, Chain of bakery relocation stores, Hunt's Ltd. owner said he couldn't hire him in the office, Hunt's Ltd. Owner said Fred could work in shipping and receiving, owner would tell workers Fred was Filipino, workers would only find out later, description of the working conditions, after 4 months told workers that he was Work, relocation Japanese,  5 1:43-4:50 5 4:50-5:50  Momiji Apartment Momiji Apartment  Work, relocation, Canadian Tire Work, Canadian Tire  5 5:50-9:42  Momiji Apartment  Work, family  5 9:42-12:53  Momiji Apartment  Work, father, mother family  5 5 6 6  Momiji Apartment Momiji Apartment Momiji Apartment Momiji Apartment  Work, Father Work Work Work  6 1:57-2:54  Momiji Apartment  6 2:54-4:33  Momiji Apartment  UBC project UBC, work, New Canadian  6 4:33-7:29 6 7:29-7:50 6 7:50-8:49  Momiji Apartment Momiji Apartment Momiji Apartment  UBC UBC UBC project  6 8:49-9:46  Momiji Apartment  UBC project  6 9:46-10:32  Momiji Apartment  UBC project Relocation, work, soccer UBC, Toronto, Relocation, soccer UBC, sports  4 10:09-12:20 Momiji Apartment  4 12:20-15:00 Momiji Apartment  5 0:00-1:43  12:53-15:02 15:02-16:03 0:00-1:02 1:02-1:57  6 10:32-12:23 Momiji Apartment 6 12:23-15:33 Momiji Apartment 6 15:33-17:07 Momiji Apartment  Was there for a little over year, saw Canadian Tire ad for warehouse, Mr. A.J. Biddles, he was the first one who didn't ask what his racial origin was, had Royal Bank references, went to Royal Bank personnel manager, manager wouldn't look at him because Fred was a "Jap", years later became VP FInance of Canadian Tire Wearing roller skates in warehouse, played rollery hockey in Vancouver with friends Worked at Canadian Tire, objective to get family to Ontario, discrimination by landlords, tried to find place in Bathurst and Spadina because was multicultural, description of how was able to rent the fourth floor of a house in Toronto, brought family over worked in warehouse at Canadian Tire, promoted in warehouse, Midland Foundary and machine company offered a job, Vice-president of Canadian Tire offered Fred a promotion to office in Accounts Payable How would life had been different if stayed at UBC? Would've worked for Father, UBC grads had difficult time finding jobs because of discrimination, Mother put foot down so that Fred would go to school instead of working for Father, reflections on career, stayed with Canadian Tire for 45 years Mr. Billis hired a lot of immigrants, friends in Canadian Tire, reflections on job with Canadian Tire Went back to UBC once for Commerce Department reunion Outbreak of the war changed everything, reflections on where would be if war didn't break out Importance of UBC Japanese Canadian Students project, part of our history, encourage young people to make best of their lives, people graduating from UBC couldn't find jobs UBC top student Tommy Shoyama because editor of New Canadian, Shoyama leader in Redress Movement, Editor of New Canadian kept everyone in touch during the war Prejudice, Kenji Kitamura engineering graduate couldn't get degree because law against Orientals, was lucky with Professor Morrow but Kitamura's professors didn't give him a degree Professors who went out of their way to help the Japese students What does this degree mean to you and to the Japanese students? Reflections Why the UBC project now? UBC trying to rectify this issue, has courage to announce that it was a mistake, why pick on the Japanese? Message to current UBC students or Japanese Canadians? Nothing to stop them from whatever they want to do, go for your dream Sports as a way to meet people, went to Withrow Park to play soccer Favourite soccer memory, East end soccer, Trip to Nanaimo with UBC soccer team, won B.C. Juvenile Championship, years later playing in Toronto met his friends again Big Block Sweater description  


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