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Non-Exclusive Distribution License to the University of British Columbia University of British Columbia. Office of the University Counsel 2006-09-14

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cIRcle Digital Repository                                      NON-EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION LICENSE TO THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA In consideration of the University of British Columbia ("UBC") making copies of my thesis available to interested persons, I hereby grant a non-exclusive, royalty free license to UBC:  (a) to archive, reproduce, or distribute my thesis or dissertation (the title of which is set forth above) in whole or in part, and/or my abstract, in whole or in part(collectively hereinafter the "Licensed Material") anywhere in the world, for non-commercial purposes, in all forms of media;  (b) to authorize, sub-license, sub-contract or procure any of the acts mentioned in paragraph (a).  I represent and promise that the Licensed Material is my original work, does not infringe any rights of others, and that I have the right to make the grant conferred by this non-exclusive license. I certify that the version of the Licensed Material (the thesis or dissertation)  I am submitting is the same as that approved by my advisory committee.  I retain ownership of the copyright in the Licensed Material, and may deal with the copyright in the Licensed Material, in any way consistent with rights granted by me to UBC in this non-exclusive license. I further promise to inform any person to whom I may hereafter assign or license my copyright to the Licensed Material, or any part thereof, of the rights granted by me to UBC in this non-exclusive license. Where I have used material owned by third party copyright holders, I represent that I have obtained written permissions from such copyright holders that permit me to grant this license to UBC and will supply copies of such upon request by UBC.  I represent and warrant that I have all the rights necessary to enter into and perform this agreement and that UBC’s exercise of its rights granted in this agreement will not  1) libel any third party or contain obscene material,  2) violate the copyright, trademark, trade secret or patent rights of any third party, or  3) violate the right of privacy, or publicity, or other right of any third party. I agree to indemnify and hold UBC harmless against any loss, damage, claim, liability, settlement cost or expense (including attorney’s fees) incurred by UBC and arising out of or in connection with any breach or alleged breach of my representations and warranties.  I acknowledge that UBC may, in its final discretion, refuse to distribute the Licensed Material. UBC will send out a notification if it so decides.  I understand that UBC shall not be responsible for any misuse of the Licensed Material by third parties who access the Licensed Material through UBC. 


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