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Indian Education Resource Centre fonds inventory (revised edition) Wodarczak, Erwin 2010-11-30

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Indian Education Resource CentrefondsCompiled by Erwin Wodarczak (1998)Revised November, 2010*** Institutional records -- researcher access subject to review ***University of British Columbia ArchivesTable of Contents Fonds Descriptiono Title / Dates of Creation / Physical Descriptiono Administrative Historyo Scope and Contento Notes File List Catalogue entry (UBC Library catalogue)Fonds DescriptionIndian Education Resource Centre fonds. – 1970-1979.30 cm of textual records.Administrative HistoryThe Indian Education Resource Centre was established in Brock Hall on the UBCcampus in 1970. It functioned as a resource centre for native education in BritishColumbia, visiting native schools, establishing native research and curriculum projects,producing a newsletter, disseminating information about native affairs and education,and serving as a lobby organization for Indian education in B.C. and across Canada. Anassociation of professionals, para-professionals and members of the educationalcommunity, the Centre was funded by government grants and private donations. TheCentre was closed in 1978.Scope and ContentFonds consists of correspondence, printed material, minutes, notes and reportsdocumenting its various activities in the area of First Nations advocacy and education.NotesFonds consists of institutional records – access requests must be reviewed by theUniversity's FOIPOP Coordinator.Title based on the contents of the fonds.Records found in building scheduled for demolition, and transferred to the UniversityArchives in 1985.File ListADMINISTRATION1-1 Boarding Home Program - Correspondence, Reports, Survey 1970-711-2 British Columbia Provincial Museum 19731-3 B.C. School Trustees Association 19721-4 [Center] Consultant 1970-711-5 Center [Consultant] 1971-721-6 Center Council 1973-761-7 Center Services - Incoming [Correspondence] 1970-711-8 Center Services [Incoming Correspondence] 1971-731-9 Center Space 19721-10 Chairman 1971-721-11 [Grants and Funding] 1974-791-12 Indian Education Project (report) May 19701-13 Indian Education Resources Centre [General] 19721-14 Ministers Committee [on Indian Education] - Meeting with Mrs. FrancesFleming 19751-15 [NITEP] [n.d.]1-16 Report of the Indian Education Resources Centre 1970, 19711-17 [Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs] 1974-77EDUCATION SERVICES1-18 Book Enquiries 1970-711-19 Book Enquiries 1971-731-20 [Educational Materials] 1972-731-21 Education Services 1973-771-22 [Requests for] Center Articles 1971-721-23 [Requests for Resource Materials] 1972-73NEWSLETTERS1-24 "Indian Education Newsletter" 19741-25 "IERC Newsletter" 1976


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