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Xwi7xwa Library June 2008 Updates Xwi7xwa Memory Project Celebrating The First Nations House of Learning 20th Anniversary on March 14, 2008, the Xwi7xwa Library began a memory project to digitize and provide access to the historical record related to the development of the Longhouse. The project supports the FNHL mandate to make the vast resources of the university more accessible to Aboriginal people and to educate the broader community about Aboriginal perspectives and scholarship.  Memory Projects: ☼ The Indian Education Newsletter was digitized through a partnership with the University Archives and is now freely available via the UBC Library catalogue, and the Xwi7xwa and Archives websites. From 1970-1977 the newsletter was distributed to over 400 Aboriginal education practitioners in the province. It was published by The Indian Education Resources Centre under the direction of BCNITA, the British Columbia Native Indian Teachers’ Association. The resources centre, established in 1970, is an early example of collaboration between First Nations and the university. Digitization of the newsletter provides community access to the historical record of Indigenous education in BC and a curriculum resource for the Aboriginal education programs and others.  Vol 1 No 1 – Indian Education Newsletter - October 23, 1970  We finally did it! At the beginning of September the establishment of an Indian Education Resources Center was finally approved. Space in a hut near the Education building was obtained ... ☼ The Story of the Longhouse video documents the construction of the UBC Longhouse and the Opening Ceremonies held in May 1993. The video was migrated from VHS to DVD and a closed caption version was created for the 20th Anniversary celebration and for the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre – Portraits of Learning. The Story of the Longhouse DVDs will (soon) be available in both versions for purchase in the FNHL gift shop which supports Aboriginal student programs on campus.  NITEP Hut, Faculty of Education Parking Lot (Sep 1993) UBC Historical Photographs—UBC 106.2/187.  First Nations House of Learning Longhouse - Opens May 1993 1985 West Mall  UBC Aboriginal Scholars Publications  A new database of UBC Aboriginal scholars’ publications is available on the Xwi7xwa website. The file is searchable by author, year, and department. Currently it includes 12 UBC-affiliated Aboriginal scholars and 150 titles. The database showcases Aboriginal scholarship, and will address some of reference desk requests received from Aboriginal students and others interested in the breadth of teaching, learning and research in the field. Please send us additions! Check it out at: www.library.ubc.ca/xwi7xwa  Nadeau, Denise with Alannah Young Van Camp, Richard Restoring Sacred Connection with I am Scared of Piranhas Native Women in the Inner City Yellow Medicine Review 2 Religion and Healing In Native America (Book) 2007 Westport: Praeger: (115-134) 2008  Trosper, R.L; Nelson, H. et al Institutional Determinants of Successful Commercial Forestry Enterprises Among First Nations in Canada  Can. J. For. Res. 38 (2): 226-238 2008  Archibald, Jo Ann (Q’um Q’um Xiiem Indigenous Storywork: Educating the Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit. Vancouver: UBC Press  2008  Xwi7xwa Library  1985 West Mall, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z2 Circulation: 604-822-8738 Reference: 604-827-4598 Staff: Linda Allen—Circulation; Kim Lawson—Reference librarian, Eleanore Wellwood—Finance & Cataloguing; Ann Doyle-Head www.library.ubc.ca/xwi7xwa  Menzies, Charles; Butler, C.F Returning to Selective Fishing Through Indigenous Fisheries Knowledge: The Example of K’moda, Gitxaala Territory American Indian Quarterly 31 (3): 441-64 2007  Yi, Ocksook; Jovel, Eduardo et al Antioxidant & antimicrobial activities Of native Rosa sp. From British Columbia, Canada.  Int. J. Food Sci. Nutr. 58 (3): 178-189 2007  


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