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Xwi7xwa Library Summer 2011 Update xwi7xwa.library.ubc.ca  UBC Aboriginal Scholarship and Research Welcome—Sarah Dupont (MLIS - U. Alberta)  New Aboriginal Engagement Librarian @ Xwi7xwa  Photo: Thane Bonar  Sarah hails from Prince George B.C. and is a member of the Métis community. Joining us from the Edmonton Public Library, Sarah provides reference and instruction services with Kim Lawson, Xwi7xwa reference librarian. Sarah will support the Indigenous education initiatives, at the Faculty of Education; Xwi7xwa digitization projects, such as increasing the Indigenous presence on cIRcle; and community outreach with the Irving K. Barber Centre and the First Nations House of Learning. Sarah has two wiener dogs, Daxon and Dexter, and loves to cook. Drop by or text 604.368.2635 to connect with Sarah.  New Copyright Environment UBC Library offers workshops on the new UBC copyright environment. You can find them on the UBC copyright website under the Workshop tab at: http://copyright.ubc.ca/  UBC Aboriginal Scholars’ Publications xwi7xwa.library.ubc.ca By Kim Lawson  UBC Aboriginal scholarship continues to grow! The Xwi7xwa database of scholarly publishing now includes 45 Aboriginal scholars (UBC-V and UBC-O) and cites over 350 books, chapters, journal articles and films. Raising the visibility of UBC Aboriginal scholars and awareness of Indigenous research and arts-based enquiry, it contributes to learning about new works as well as find familiar writings. UBC Aboriginal scholarship is both interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary. It draws on a vast range of Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing, together with diverse Western academic theories and traditions.  The Medicine Woman DVD documentary series @ Xwi7xwa PWH C44 M43 2007  Let us know about your new publications !!! Welcome Dr. Danièle Behn-Smith, Director, Aboriginal Residency Training Site in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC, with the Division of Aboriginal Health and the Department of Family Practice (DFP). Dr, Behn-Smith was the Director of Education for the University of Alberta’s Indigenous Health Initiatives Program and is known for her work as host of the Medicine Woman documentary series, directed by Shirley Cheechoo.  Media Collection ~ a unique collection of local producers & global issues Xwi7xwa’s unique media collection continues to grow. Elder Rose Point talks about First Nations approaches to well being, maternal self care and natal care in a DVD produced for the First Nations House of Learning Elders-in-Residence Program. Danny Beaton documents the "Concert for Indigenous Restoration" - a performance event of traditional and modern music, dance and ceremonial performances that spotlights North American Aboriginal elders and artists. Diana Leung & Kamala Todd explore the interrelationships between Chinese people and Indigenous people in British Columbia and Vancouver in Cedar and Bamboo.  Elder Rose Point First Nations Puberty Rites and Traditional Infant Development and Care  Danny Beaton Concert for Indigenous Restoration  Diana Leung & Kamala Todd Cedar and Bamboo  Curriculum Collections ~ created by First Nations educators BOARD GAME Learners follow the six stages of the BC Treaty Process aiming to arrive at a Final Agreement with the federal and provincial governments. www.hulquminum.bc.ca  Xwi7xwa Library  1985 West Mall, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z2 Front Desk: 604-822-8738 Ann Doyle—Head Kim Lawson—Reference Librarian, Sarah Dupont—Aboriginal Engagement Librarian Linda Allen—Access Services Supervisor, Eleanore Wellwood—Technical Services xwi7xwa.library.ubc.ca  


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