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Xwi7xwa Library Summer 2012 Update  Xwi7xwa Celebrates Aboriginal (Un)History Month: June 2012  Xwi7xwa Library, in partnership with the Musqueam Indian Band, the Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology and the Museum of Anthropology, coordinated a series of displays and events in June. Aboriginal (Un)History Month celebrated Aboriginal creativity, scholarship, and intellectual traditions. It aimed to educate and cultivate conversations about relationship, representation, and recognition. One of the cases contained an artifacts from c̓əsnaʔəm (Marpole Midden). For more information check out the Musqueam Facebook page. For a full description of the events, please see http://about.library.ubc.ca/2012/05/30/aboriginal-unhistorymonth-cultivating-conversations/. The month of June is designated as “Aboriginal History Month” by the federal government of Canada. Linda Allen was a welcoming presence at Xwi7xwa library for almost 15 years as the Access Services Supervisor from June 1998-June 2012. She provided orientations and student supervision for over 150 student workers at Xwi7xwa. Student assistants, GAAs, research assistants, practicum and professional experience placements, and community service learning students all came through the doors annually and Linda was there to help and train. Linda has a great love of children and children books and volunteered at the FNHL children’s center reading children’s books to the participants. She also volunteered, with her husband Bob, cooking at the FNHL barbeques, staff lunches and seasonal elder celebrations. She served on the FNHL committee, she worked with the Musqueam Soccer club, and she knew everything when it came to the Xerox machine. We want to thank Linda for her years of service and wish her luck in all her future endeavors. xwi7xwa.library.ubc.ca 1985 West Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z2 (604) 827-8738  IFLA Indigenous Knowledge : international visitors to Xwi7xwa Library  This summer Xwi7xwa Library took part in and hosted guests from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions in an open house titled Storied Spaces as part of the IFLA Presidential Programme spring meeting. As part of Story SpacesStoried there Spaces were talks on Indigenous Librarianship Story Circle hosted by Kim Lawson, a reference librarian at Xwi7xwa.  Storied Spaces April 14, 2012 IFLA 2012 Presidential Programme: Indigenous Knowledges  On the IFLA website you can find podcasts from various sessions like the Organization of Indigenous Knowledge Plenary Session which features speakers Cheryl Metoyer with “All things Connected: Relationality Anyone can use our research guides online in Native American knowledge Organization”Aboriginal and Gene Joseph with Children's Literature Aboriginal Education “Traditional knowledge” and the Keynote session “Indigenous Rights and Aboriginal Health and Healing Aboriginal Maps Intellectual Property”, given by Grand Chief Ed John.There are plently Aboriginal Residential Schools Aboriginal Studies more to choose from and we encourage you to check them out. Indigenous Librarianship ...and more! Visit .  xwi7xwa.library.ubc.ca Librarians Ann.Doyle@ubc.ca | Sarah.Dupont@ubc.ca | Kim.Lawson@ubc.ca  See IFLA 2012 Presidential Programme : Indigenous Knowledges IFLA 2012 Presidential Programme: Indigenous Knowledges http://iflaindigenousknowledges2012.ok.ubc.ca http://iflaindigenousknowledges2012.ok.ubc.ca for more information  Xwi7xwa’s “Aboriginal Films and Filmmakers Research Guide” now online Xwi7xwa Library continues to build a unique collection of over 1000 films by BC Aboriginal writers, directors and producers and other Aboriginal films. This year the additions focused on independent films. The Xwi7xwa “Aboriginal Films and Filmmakers Research Guide” describes research strategies for materials by and about Aboriginal filmmaking. There are great books and videos about Aboriginal films in several other UBC Library branches beyond Xwi7xwa. Xwi7xwa is developing subject headings to help find research, information and other resources about Aboriginal films, as well as the films themselves. The guide provides some search terms that are helpful for distinguishing information about films BY Indigenous filmmakers from films ABOUT Indigenous topics. The search terms that are effective for articles in databases may not be effective in the library catalogue. You can view the guide at: http://guides.library.ubc.ca/abfilm_kl  Ann Doyle- Head Kim Lawson- Reference Librarian Sarah Dupont- Aboriginal Engagement Librarian Eleanore Wellwood-Acqusitions/Cataloguing  www.xwi7xwa.library.ubc.ca  


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