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Xwi7xwa Library Classification Bookmark by Class (version: 2010-09) Xwi7xwa Library 2010-09-30

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A Reference BA History & Culture, B.C. BC Haida BD Tsimshian BDC  Gitxsan BDE  Nisga’a BE Kwakwaka’wakw    (Kwakiutl) BF Nuu-chah-nulth    (Nootka) BG Nuxalk (Bella Coola) BH Heiltsuk (Bella Bella) BJ Coast Salish BJA  Haisla BJB  Comox BJC  Squamish BJF  Sechelt BJJ  Straits BJM  Musqueam BJS  Sto:lo BK Interior Salish BKD  Stl’atl’imx (Lillooet) BKE  Secwepemc    (Shuswap) BKN  Nlaka’pamux     (Thompson) BM Ktunaxa (Kootenay) BN Athapascan BNA  Carrier &     Wet’suwet’en BNC  Sekani BND  Dunne Za (Beaver) BNJ  Kaska-Dene BNM  Ts’ilhqot’in    (Chilcotin) BNN  Tahltan The Library CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMBP Tlingit CA-CG History – Canada CM Métis CU-CX History -   North America DC Inuit DM Maori E Education ER Residential Schools F-K Development, Law,   Governance M Rights & Title N Environment P  Knowledge Keeping PE Elders PW Women S  Health SN Ethnobotany T Worldview W Arts, Music, Dance X Languages Y Literature YT-YUE Children’s Literature CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM -


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