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Undergraduate research opportunities Embree, Sonja Oct 21, 2009

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities Surfacing UBC Scholarship Open Access Week, October 2009  URO MISSION • “UBC’s gateway for students, faculty and staff  interested in engaging undergraduate students from all disciplines in the research process.” • TREK 2010 & University Academic Plan  “to support the development of outstanding research in all disciplines...through providing opportunities and incentives to incorporate research into undergraduate programs."  Sponsorship • VP Research* • VP Students • VP Academic Affairs  Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Program (MURP) Began 2004 Zero-credit course: URO001 (October – April) Transcript notation (60 word paragraph) 40 participants  MURP Eligibility 1. Student has some kind of project set up   honours thesis, directed study, work study, volunteer, co-op  2. Student has a sponsor to help guide them through the project   professor, PhD student, postdoctoral fellow, professional working in the field  MURP Requirements: 3 1. Workshop series • Research Skills (learning contract) • Library Research • Scholarly Writing • Study Design/Methods • Publishing & Copyright (cIRcle) • Scholarly Presentation • Research Portfolio  Requirements (continued) 2. Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC)  Saturday March 6, 2010 3. Research Skills Portfolio  MURP & cIRcle Publishing and Copyright Workshop (cIRcle Graduate Academic Assistant – Meghan Radomske)  Scholarly vs. Popular Journals  Peer Review  Scholarly Publishing Cycle  Open Access  Copyright Transfer Agreements  Rights of Authors/Creators  Academic Integrity  Why should I know about this? To be an active contributor and informed member of  the academic community.  To make you aware of what you sign when you  publish.  Know your rights as an author.  Why is submission to cIRcle part of MURP? To share your work with the scholarly community  and the public world-wide  For a stable URL Crawled by Google and Yahoo, so it can be found! Enhanced graduate/professional school and  employment applications  How do I submit to cIRcle? When your research project is complete, forward a  copy to Meghan Radomske as an attachment. We must have a license to distribute your work. In your email message, copy and paste the wording  from: www.library.ubc.ca/circle/policies_d_2.html Include subject keywords and an abstract  URO eJournal Road to Discovery Multidisciplinary 2-3 editions / year Peer reviewed publication Letters section and Research Articles section, which  allow students the choice to publish either a pilot study or a more in-depth research project. Benefits include building a research resume and experiencing the peer-reviewed publication process.  MURC March 7, 2009  Thank you cIRcle! • • • •  Hilde Colenbrander Julia Thompson Meghan Radomske Katherine Parker (GAA 08/09)  • QUESTIONS?  


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