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First Nations and open access : respectful consultation, protocols and collaboration [videorecording] Grant, Larissa; Woolman, Jason 2012-11-01

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NOTE: This presentation is for personal informational purposes only. Any use beyond this, such as for research and/or publication, requires consultation with Musqueam and following the approved permitting process.    Musqueam Indian Band 6735 Salish Drive
Vancouver, BC V6N 4C4 Phone: 604-263-3261 Email:   First Nations and Open Access  Respectful Consultation, Protocols and Collaboration   Larissa Grant and Jason Woolman Open Access 2012 • Over 600 first nations groups in Canada • 1/3 (203) are in B.C.  • 53 aboriginal languages from 10 language families in Canada  • 60% of those languages Diversity Juridical System: a collective of individuals based on a system of positive law, beliefs, mores, and values.*   First Nations Juridical System Canadian Juridical System Distinctness *Duranti, Luciana, Diplomatics: New Uses for an Old Science. Society of American Archivists and Association of Canadian Archivists in association with Scarecrow Press, 1998. Records and Access Public Community Members Band Members Community Plan - Treaty Strategic Plan Treaty Strategic Plan Excerpt Access Tools  Permitting Process  RRN Restricted Access Kew Thesis.  Dialogue and Trust with Sensitive Information  Culturally Sensitive Display. MOA Coast Salish – Multiversity: Ways of Knowing Gallery  Location of Co-Developers RRN Partner Institutions and Funders Moving Forward   Systematizing protocol based access  Method  Mukurtu   Revised RRN  


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