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Open source solutions for archival collections : report from the field at Rare Books and Special Collections Romkey, Sarah Oct 26, 2011

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Open S ource S olutions for Archival C ollections A report from the field at R are B ooks and S pecial C ollections  S arah R omkey R are Books and S pecial C ollections Archivis t O pen UBC Week P res entation  Identifying the problem(s ) • Access system had become un-wieldy for number of collections managed (approaching 700) • No practical solution for the accessioning, preservation or dissemination of born-digital records.  Why open s ource? • $$$ • Ability to customize • C ommunity of users • C ompatibility with other systems • O ngoing improvements  Developing pilots P art of a larger set of UB C Library pilot projects  • Finding aid conversion  • Legacy media  • Historical photograph records  • New acquisitions(soon)  • New finding aid creation • D igital objects  B asic work flow for both projects  D iagram courtesy of Artefactual S ys tems  C halleng es s o far • Technical problems – File failures • Intellectual issues – Appraisal – Accessibility – Arrangement  Advice for implementing open s ource s olution • Look for alignment with other institutional goals • D on’t be shy to participate in the community •Think about sustainability  


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