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Open source solutions for archival collections : report from the field at Rare Books and Special Collections 2011

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Open S ource S olutions  for Archival Collections A report from the field at Rare Books  and S pecial Collections S arah Romkey Rare Books and S pecial Collections Archivist Open UBC  Week Presentation Identifying the problem(s ) • Access system had become un-wieldy for number of collections managed  (approaching 700) • No practical solution for the accessioning, preservation or dissemination of born-digital records. Why open source? •  $$$ • Ability to customize • Community of users • Compatibility with other systems • Ongoing improvements Developing pilots  Part of a larger set of UBC Library pilot projects • Finding aid conversion •  Historical photograph records •  New finding aid creation •  Digital objects •  Legacy media •  New acquisitions(soon) Basic work flow for both projects Diagram courtesy of Artefactual S ystems Challenges  so far • Technical problems – File failures • Intellectual issues – Appraisal – Accessibility – Arrangement Advice for implementing open source solutions • Look for alignment with other institutional goals • Don’t be shy to participate in the community •Think about sustainability


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