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University supports for Open Access: a Canadian national study Morrison, Heather 2010

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Heather Morrison & Devon Greyson UBC Open Access Week October 20, 2009 University Supports for Open Access: A Canadian National Study The Story of our Study 1. The story of the study content – An investigation of how universities are responding to funder OA mandates 2. The meta-story of the research process – A description of our research team and how this project happened Elements of a Story • Point of View (Research Team) • Characters • Setting • Conflict (Research Question) • Plot (Methods) • Climax (Results) • Theme (Conclusions) Point of View (Rsch Team) Setting • Canadian Research Universities – Libraries are CARL members – Research Administrators are CAURA members • 2009, Contemporary era of transition in scholarly communications… University-based Research Life Cycle Characters • Research Funders • Researchers • Research Administration Offices • University Libraries University-based Research Other, Minor Characters – Institutional Repositories – University Presses – Publishers – Grants Facilitators outside the RAO – Others…? The Story • Funder says to Researcher “Make your work OA” • Researcher must comply by either publishing or archiving OA – “Early adopters” are already doing this – What about the rest of the researcher world? • What will support and enable this shift for the masses? University-based Research Funder (e.g. CIHR) OA pol icy The Story • In University, we have characters who support Researchers – Libraries • Access to info, some publishing, some archiving – RAOs • Grants application, administration, reporting University Research Support Story Conflict (Research Question) • Will University Libraries and Research Administration Offices respond to new funder OA requirements placed upon their researchers? – If so, how? • Awareness? • Mandate? • Actions? Study Plot (Methods) • Sample: 27 Universities • Survey method: email solicitations, online survey (all bilingual) • Analysis: descriptive statistics, statistical testing for difference across key groups of interest, thematic analysis of free-text answers Climax (Results) • Different Mandates; Different Roles – Awareness – Activities – Infrastructure • Potential Synergies Theme (Conclusion) The Happy Ending! Contact:        Heather Morrison        BC Electronic Library Network       Devon Greyson        Centre for Health Services and Policy Research


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