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European repositories and OA Starr, Lea Katharine Oct 20, 2009

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European Repositories and OA Lea Starr UBC Library  Study Leave Focus • Visit key institutions in Europe • Learnt about networking and determine how collaboration has been beneficial • Learnt about successes • Learnt about challenges • Learnt about organizational structure • Learnt about work on handling data 2  2  Observations • More networking and collaboration • Funding from DRIVER, SURF, JISC • Value of OA to developing nations and Eastern Europe  3  3  Institutions Visited • • • • • • • • • • •  Attended Bielefeld Conference – February 2009 Georg-August Gottingen University, Gottingen, Germany Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany InHolland University, Alkmaar Gent University, Gent, Belgium JISC Conference in Edinburgh and interviewed 4 people-MRC, Durham, Southampton, Cambridge SHERPA – Nottingham, England SURF and Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands ICM – WARSAW University, Warsaw, Poland National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Kiev, Ukraine  4  4  DRIVER • network of relevant experts and a panEuropean infrastructure for Open Access repositories • Goal is to offer -sophisticated services and functionalities for researchers, administrators and the general public • DRIVER I -> DRIVER II  5  5  DRIVER Partners • • • • • • • • • • • • •  University of Athens – software development ; DELOS project University of Bielefeld Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche n- infrastructure support for DRIVER II University of Nottingham Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique CNRS -– HAL Repository; mirror ArXiv, SURF Foundation University of Bath; metadata standards and schema, dublin core. data work University of Warsaw University of Gent Gottingen State and University Library Danmarks Tekniske Universitet – Danish Research Database; standards Universidade do Minho – all research papers must be self-archived Nordna in univerzitetna knjiznica -reUse evaluation project  6  6  DRIVER II • • • • • • • •  Expansion through DRIVER Confederation D-Net Enhanced publications Advanced end-user functionality Larger outreach and advocacy Continued repository support Guidelines for interoperability Open Access to European research materials 7  7  DRIVER Search • approximately 1,000,000 documents • found in journal articles, dissertations, books, lectures, reports, etc. • harvested regularly from more than 200 institutional or thematic repositories • from 23 European countries • in 25 languages. 8  8  BASE _ Bielefeld • OAI metadata from academic repository servers are collected by a so-called "harvester" and are indexed by means of FAST software • library indexes selected web sites and local data collections, which can be searched via one single search interface in one go. 9  9  Base cont • • • • • • • • •  Intellectually selected resources Only document servers that comply with the specific requirements of academic quality and relevance are included A data resources inventory provides transparency in the searches Searches full text plus meta data (depending on the resource) Discloses web resources of the "Deep Web", which are ignored by commercial search engines or get lost in the vast quantity of hits. The display of search results includes precise bibliographic data (if provided in the resource) Several options for sorting the result list "Refine your search result" options (authors, resources, document type, language etc.) http://base.ub.uni-bielefeld.de/en/index.php  10 10  Goettingen State & University Library • • • • • • •  GU Press OA – President support December 2005 GEODOC -1992 – not Mandatory GEOSCHOLAR FACT SCIENCE Agreement with Springer and BioMed DINI – Deutsche Initiative fuer Netzwerkinformation - founding member, development of DINI standards • DRIVER Project – PEER. – how to get articles into repository -3 research studies – contracted out  •  Need a model that will work for publishers but provides the open access so that all researchers have access to research  11 11  Humboldt • E-publications work managed by Department of Library and Information Science and Computer and Media Services • Open Access -Senate • Research Database – • Journal platform for OA • National node for DRIVER • OpenAccess Statistics 12 12  University of Gent • Open Access Mandate • Partner in DRIVER – – – – – –  provide mentoring/ manage Belgium network Usability testing of new DRIVER Portal RefWorks functionality within the DRIVER Portal Citation linking – challenging due to PDF’s aDORE – for non textual material  • Departmental libraries so hard to get word out –really just 2 librarians • Thesis – mandate for deposit but no national program • Architecture digitization project based on discovery of Piranesi pictures- theme area for 5 years • Google Book Project – May 2007 13 13  University of Nottingham • Nottingham IR – strictly fulltext • SHERPA – – – – – – – –  ROMEO JULIET OpenDOAR SHERPASearch SHERPAPlus Depot DP – preservation work InTUTE - http://www.intute.ac.uk/irs/ 14 14  SURF • • • • • • • • •  Works with institutions across Netherlands as well as DRIVER and JISC Survey of repository work Supports advocacy work Collaborate to develop tools/incentives for faculty/researchers to participate – different faculty – different tools Impact Factors and Citations Statistics important Intellectual Property – developed tools to make copyright more understandable – Copyright in Higher Ed website – youtube Open Access – EU approach and study of cost benefits Cream of Science/ Cream of Promise- Netherland projects  15 15  SURF Data • SHARE project • enhanced publications initially – – Boundaries – Identification within IR’s  • Persistent identifiers for all parts • Technical aspects are not really a problem – issues are really around organization • Institutional or discipline based? • Need intra-operability in IR’s. • -make sure that you apply a persistent identifier whenever you want to do so. Lots of redundancy is useful 16 16  Utrecht University  • Library – print/electronic http://www.uu.nl/en/library/Pages/default.aspx • METRIS – annual report of scientific publications • Enhanced services for faculty based on IR• Thesis and enhanced thesis 17 17  ICM - Warsaw •  Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modeling • Scientific IT infrastructure in Poland • Virtual Science Library Program at ICM – Mathematic materials from 19-20 Century • Adding metadata • Semi-searchable  – Negotiated with publishers; Elsevier, Springer, Bielstein and Gemelin – 1996 to current – Access via ICM platforms  • • •  Very few IR’s OA’s –push Creative Commons project – ministry of science provided funding incentive to small journals to move to electronic format • Biophysics group at ICM 18 18  National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” • • • • • •  Ukraine – 353 universities ~ 900 institutions of higher learning ISI – 15-18,000 journals indexed -15 are Ukrainian 12 IR’s – 2 more in pilot Harvester - http://oai.org.ua All Ukrainian journals on internet – hosted at KMA – 500 titles – Not searchable, not OAI harvestable, need metadata, working on backfiles – Can go directly and retrieve article – Need English Abstracts  •  Ukrainian Declaration in support of OA – May 2009 – Endorsed by 150 Librarians who will take to Rectors to get endorsement  •  www.library.ukma.kiev.ua/dspace  19 19  EIFL.net • Promoting access to eresources in developing world • Working on OA • http://www.eifl.net/cps/sections/home • http://www.eifl.net/cps/sections/services  20 20  Networks • Collaboration on projects that will benefit everyone – enhanced deposits • Mentoring – Belgium - repository manager group • Support for small institutions that can’t yet support own IR – The DEPOT (UK) • Working together on advocacy - SURF creation of materials for use by institutions • Basis for interdisciplinary research • Combined database to provide opportunity for effective text mining for areas of new research – BASE, inTUTE • http://www.intute.ac.uk/irs/ • Development of common standards - DINI • May be source of funding for start up or projects 21 21  Working with Scholars • • •  Advocacy to gain interest is key Repository services desired Need to perceive benefit to self – – – – –  •  Increased visibility of research worldwide – citations and viewing Cream of Science – recognition Download and update own website Save time in research and evaluations assessment processes Part of larger university work tracking research output  Won’t participate if adds to workload; – strive for ease of deposit to – minimize workload on library  • •  Desire some autonomy Need to be able to have embargoes to comply with publisher requests  22 22  Working with Scholars 2 •  Lack knowledge of author rights and opportunities for self or institutional archiving – Don’t know how to work with publishers • ROMEO  – Don’t know how to create Creative Commons license or use addendums such as SPARC  •  May lack knowledge of funder mandates • JULIET  •  IR must be perceived to be reliable, trusted – Researchers want their work to be in a repository that has longevity – Other materials in repository must be of quality  •  Mandates important but need to be enforced – Not as useful as gaining interest of researchers  • • •  Interest of senior university administrators important Increase profile of university Important to celebrate achievements with depositors 23 23  Data • Publicly funded so should be freely available • Lots of challenges • Common format for data not possible but are there synergies within disciplines • Should data repositories be institution specific or subject focused • Can the long term preservation of the data be ensured • Will some data need to be protected due to privacy of information, eg health data • Will data manipulation software programs also need to be preserved and migrated 24 24  Data 2 • • • • • • •  How will metadata and keywords be provided Pilots need to be run Work in collaboration with research community Data will grow exponentially Data in many formats Need to have persistent identifiers Enhanced documents  25 25  Organization • No one model • Staffing usually 1- 3 people unless special funding for projects at network offices. • Trying to integrate work into regular work of library staff, promotion as well as metadata work • Most recognize that not yet at full capacity for ingestion. • Much of the work is still around advocacy 26 26  Other • • • •  • • • • •  desire for emphasis of published research but most repositories contain other materials yearly intake rate low – less than 50% most repositories have a higher proportion of metadata only vs fulltext repositories in Europe have chosen a focus to assist with recruiting materials, eg Cream of Science, Bibliography of research output aligned with fulltext deposit, changes to copyright law in Germany, architecture engineering project in Ghent. Need to develop tools of interest to researchers Research assessment process could be driver The broader the knowledge of library staff – the more effective the advocacy Departmental interest in local repositories can contribute to raising awareness on campus two streams – – develop tools and infrastructure that will support the vision of eScience – Work collaboratively on advocacy and education  27 27  


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