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The second international m-Libraries Conference, June 22-24, 2009 : conference schedule & guidebook Various contributors Jul 2, 2009

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Co-hosting organizations  	 University of British Columbia 	 Athabasca University 	 The Open University 	 Thompson Rivers University held at The University of British Columbia Vancouver BC Canada  The Second  International m-Libraries Conference  June 22-24, 2009  Conference Schedule & Guidebook  Schedule-at-a-Glance AM	 7am  8am  9am  10am  11am  12pm  1pm  Monday, June 22  Preconference Workshops Lunch  1 and 2  Tuesday, June 23  Coffee Break  S1 Opening Keynote  Welcome & Intro  Continental Breakfast  Morning Beach Walk     S2 Plenary  Wednesday, June 24 Coffee Break  Concurrent Sessions S7 to S10  Conitinental Breakfast  West Coast Yoga Sesson  Concurrent Sessions S11 to S14  Lunch  Lu  2pm  3pm  4pm  Preconference Workshops 3 and 4    6pm  7pm 8pm  9pm 10pm  Dinner at Granville Island  TOURS     Conference Banquet at Sage Bistro  SCHEDULE  Concurrent Sessions S3 to S6  Refreshments      nch  5pm  Refreshments  Closing Remarks  S15 Closing Keynote  1  The University of British Columbia – Point Grey Campus  Universi Village Carey Hall St. Mark’s College  Reg  The  Carey Centre  West Coast Suites  Vancouver School of Theology (Iona)  Chapel  North Bus Loop General Services Administration  Walter Gage Residences  Student Student Recreation Rec Centre Centre  St. Andrew’s Residence  Wesbrook (Life Sciences)  Brock Hall Women’s & Gender Studies  en ege  Anthropology & Sociology  Irving Barber IrvingK K. Barber Learning Centre Learning Centre  Buchanan Tower  Clock Tower  Buchanan  Henning (Physics)  Cunningham (Pharmacy)  Campus Security  Michael Smith Labs  Chemistry Physics  Food Nutriti Health Build  Biological Sciences  Chemistry  Belkin Art Gallery  Lasserre  Sage Bistro  Koerner Library  Frederic Wood Graduate Theatre Student Centre  Math  Mathematics David Annex Lam Library Klinck Building  Music Library  School of Journalism  Geography  Jack Bell (Social Work & Family Studies)  First Nations Xwi7xwa  International House Liu Asian Centre Library  Xwi7xwaLibrary Fraser Longhouse Library River Parkade  Ponderosa Centre  Scarfe (Education) Education Library Arts One  Obser  Kenny  Continuing Studies  Swing Space West Parkade  St. John’s College  Nitobe Memorial Garden Place Vanier Residences  2  Bookstore  Hebb (Physics)  Rose Garden Parkade  eum of Museum of ropology Anthropology  Woodward Library/IRC  Hillel House  Law Library  Chan Centre for the Performing Arts  Trolley Terminal– local Vancouver city buses  Student Union Building  North Parkade  Den  War Memorial Gym  MacInnes Field  Aquatic Centre Chancellor Building (VST)  David Strangway Building  Korea-UBC House  Tec-UBC House  Marine Marine Drive Residence Drive  Residence  Acadia Park University Apartments & Residences  ity  gent College  Fairview Crescent Residence  Mather Building (Audiology & Speech Science)  Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre  Thunderbird Parkade  ntistry  B–1 Lot  Acute Care Hospital/ Student Health  Life Sciences Centre Osborne Centre  Health Sciences Mall Health Sciences Parkade  CERC Chemical & Biological Engineering  ion & ding Civil & Mechanical Labs  Sports Fields and Track  Tennis Centre  Forest Sciences Centre CEME Kaiser  Thunderbird Residence MacLeod Electrical Engineering  rvatory Earth and Ocean Sciences Building and Pacific Museum of the Earth  es  MacMillan (Land and Food Systems)  Thunderbird Residence  Hawthorn Place  Thunder Stadium  Ritsumeikan–UBC House  Botanical Gardens  Totem Park Residences  UBC Botanical Gardens Botanical Gardens  3  4  LEVEL 1  LEVEL 1  NORTH WING  Copy Services 105  University Archives 118  SOUTH WING Parliamentary Classroom 155  MAIN MALL  Rare Books and Special Moresby Collections Classroom 110 Chung 185 Room Chung & Office of Learning Technology Room Collection (OLT) & 102 111 Collection 111  MAIN ENTRANCE EAST MALL  183  182  Victoria Learning Theatre Victoria Learning 182 Theatre  Irving K Barber Learning Centre  UBC Library Development Office 242  NORTH WING  Fraser River Room 227  LEVEL 2  The Gallery 241  Circulation Services, Reserve Materials & ASRS  Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth (TAG) 214  MAIN MALL  Office of the Director, IKBLC 202 Office of the University Librarian  Entrance/Exit Open Bookstack Hours  SOUTH WING  Registration Desk  IKBLC Program Services Staff 203  MAIN ENTRANCE EAST MALL  MAPS  5  Peace River Classroom 261  Ike’s Cafe  Gold River Videoconference Room 272  Stikine Room 260  Nazko Nazko Chilcotin Chilcotin Valley Boardroom Valley Board Boardroom B’rdr’m 256 256 Room 255 255  322  Group Study RoomStudy Group 322 Room  Ridington Ridington Room Room 321 321  LEVEL 3  6  Group Study Rooms  NORTH NORTH WINGWING  315, 316, 317 Group Study Rooms 315, 316, 317  LEVEL 3 EAST MALL  Lillooet Room 301  314  Dodson Room 302  MAIN MALL  MAIN MALL  Lillooet Lillooet Room Room 301 301  SOUTH WING  Dodson Dodson Room Room 302 302  Art + Art + Chapman Learning Chapman Learning Architecture Commons Architecture Commons + Planning 300 Office+ Planning 300 314 Office  Entrance/Exit Entrance/Exit Open Limited Open Limited Hours Hours  SOUTH WING  Qualicum ReadingRoom Room 305 305  Qualicum Reading  EAST MALL  MAIN ENTRANCE  Gateway  YOU ARE HERE  Gateway Programs: Arts One Programs: Arts One Science One Science One Coordinated Science Coordinated Science Coordinated Arts Coordinated Arts  YOU ARE HERE  Irving K Barber Learning Centre  Group Study Room 422  Ridington Room Mezzanine  LEVEL 4  NORTH WING  Group Study Rooms 415, 416, 417  Science and Engineering Office 414  MAIN MALL  Golden Jubilee Room 400  EAST MALL  MAIN ENTRANCE  MAPS  7  SLAIS entrance  School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS) 470  SOUTH WING  Musqueam Reading Room 455  Women’s & Gender Studies To First Nations Longhouse  Hebb (Physics)  Irving K. Barber Learning Centre  Henning (Physics)  Clock Tower  Chemistry Physics  Chemistry  Mathematics David Annex Lam Library Math Mathematics Koerner Library  Klinck Building  sic rary  Geography  Xwi7xwa Library  r  First Nations Longhouse  ade 8  Jack Bell  Ponderosa Centre  Ed Li  Sunday 21 June 2009 12.00 - 7.00pm     Registration Opens Registration Desk Main Foyer Irving K Barber Learning Centre  9.30 - 12.30pm                 12.30 - 1.30pm  1.30 - 4.00pm       Preconference Workshops Irving K Barber Learning Centre  SUNDAY / MONDAY  Monday 22 June 2009  7.00am - 7.00pm	 Registration Desk  Main Foyer  Irving K Barber Learning Centre  Workshop 1: Skills on the Move: a “Hands-On” Workshop Creating Mobile Learning Content Anne Hewling & Hassan Sheikh The Open University, UK  Workshop 2: Mobile Design: Interactive Multimedia to Support Learning and Teaching Mohamed Ally, Steve Schafer, Colin Elliott, Yang Guanbing, Bill Geng, Tony Tin, & Tracey Woodburn, Athabasca University, Canada  Lunch Workshop 3: Mobile Library Technical Development: Opportunities and Challenges Hassan Sheikh, The Open University & Tony Tin, Athabasca University, Canada   9  REGISTRATION DESK         1:30pm    Workshop 4: Researching m-Libraries: Strategies for Investigating and Evaluating our Mobile Library Applications Anne Hewling & Keren Mills, The Open University, UK  Gather for Tours See TOURS for details: Meet at Registration Desk  2.00 - 4.00pm   5.00 - 10.00pm     Tours Various locations Dinner at Granville Island Meet bus by the Irving K Barber Learning Centre at 4:45pm for transport to Granville Island  Conference Registration Desk Hours Irving K Barber Learning Centre   Main Foyer  10  Sunday June 21  12noon – 7.00pm  Monday June 22  7.00am – 7.00pm  Tuesday June 23  7.00am – 7.00pm  Wednesday June 24  7.00am – 5.00pm  Tuesday 23 June 2009 7.00am - 7.00pm    7.00 - 8.00am   Registration Desk Main Foyer Irving K Barber Learning Centre  8.00 - 8:45am   Continental Breakfast First Nations Longhouse  9.00 - 9.20am      Conference Welcome First Nations Longhouse Leonora Crema, Associate University Librarian, University of British Columbia Library, Canada  Morning Beach Walk Meet at Registration Desk  TUESDAY  9.20 - 10.30am S1 Opening Keynote  First Nations Longhouse  Keynote Speaker, Lorcan Dempsey,  Vice-President and OCLC Research and   Chief Strategist, USA  Concentration, Connection, Diffusion:  Mobilizing Library Services  10.30 - 11.00am Coffee Break  First Nations Longhouse 11.00 - 1.00pm         S2 Plenary First Nations Longhouse Chair – Nancy Levesque, University Library Director, Thompson Rivers University, Canada Ken Banks, Founder of, UK Where Books Are Few: The Role of Mobile Phones in the Developing World  11        Carie Page, Programme Coordinator for the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, USA Anytime, Anywhere: Reaching the Always-On Generation through Mobility        Paul Nelson, NHS Choices, Department of Health, UK Partnerships for Community Health Improvement Through Mobile Devices        Joan Lippincott, Associate Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information, USA Why m-Libraries? Making the Case for Innovation  1.00 - 2.15pm     Lunch First Nations Longhouse Transfer to the Irving K Barber Learning Centre for afternoon sessions  2.30 - 4.00pm          Concurrent Sessions Irving K Barber Learning Centre       QR Codes and their Applications for Libraries – a Case Study Laurence Lockton & Kate Robinson, University of Bath, UK  12  S3 Mobile Technologies Mobile GPS Devices and Geospatial Collection Development in the Library David Sharp, Carleton University Library, Canada    Mobile Digital Library for Integration Web Resources in China Chengyu Zhang, Tsinghua University, China          S4 New Mobile Services      The Library’s Place in a Mobile Space Graham McCarthy & Sally Wilson, Ryerson University Library, Canada      Piloting Mobile Services Karen A. Coombs, University of Houston, USA       S5 Mobile Libraries for Learning        Mobile Technology and m-Learning in Indian Libraries Parveen Babbar & Seema Chandhok, Indira Gandhi National Open University, India         Mobilising the Development of Information Skills – for Students on the Move and for the Workplace – Two Studies of Mobile Delivery in Practice Anne Hewling & Hassan Sheikh, The Open University, UK      Portable Science: Podcasting as an Outreach Tool for a Large academic Science and Engineering Library Eugene Barsky, Aleteia Greenwood, & Kevin Lindstrom, UBC Library, Canada  TUESDAY  Information Literacy Gets Mobile! Peter Godwin, University of Bedfordshire, UK  13         S6 Mobile Users        Bridging the Mobile Divide – Using Mobile Devices to Engage the X and Y Generations Faye Jackson & Phil Cheeseman, Roehampton University, UK      4.00 - 4:30pm     UK Academic Library Users’ Expectations of m-Library Services Keren Mills, The Open University, UK  5.30 - 10.00pm   Conference Banquet Sage Bistro, University Centre      Welcome from Dr. Peter Ward, University Librarian, pro tem, UBC Library, Canada       Featured Speaker: Dr. Frits Pannekoek, President, Athabasca University, Canada  14  Study Regarding Temple University Libraries’ “Ask Us Upstairs” Initiative Fred Rowland & Adam Shambaugh, Temple University, USA  Refreshments Sony e-Book Reader Demo The Gallery Irving K Barber Learning Centre  Wednesday 24 June 2009  7.00am - 5.00pm	 Registration Desk  Main Foyer  Irving K Barber Learning Centre 7.00 - 8.00am   8.00 - 9.00am   West Coast Yoga Session Studio, Student Recreation Centre  9.15 - 10.15am            Concurrent Sessions Irving K Barber Learning Centre  Continental Breakfast The Gallery, Irving K Barber Learning Centre  WEDNESDAY  S7 Mobile Technologies  Evolution of Modern Library Services: The Progression into the Mobile Domain Ivan Ganchev, Máirtín O’Droma, Damien Meere, Mícheál Ó hAodha, University of Limerick, Ireland & Stanimir Stojanov, University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria   Mobile Library: Connecting New  Generations of Learners to the Library  in the Mobile Age  Dr. Mohamed Ally, Colin Elliot, Steve Schafer & Tony Tin, Athabasca University,   Canada     S8 New Mobile Services   The Role of the Subscription Agents in  Delivering Content to Mobile Devices  Jose Luis Andrade, President, Swets  North America  15                    Service Models for Information Therapy Services Delivered to Mobiles Vahideh Zarea Gavgani, Osmania University, India          Enhancing Library Access through the Use of Mobile Technology: Case Study of Information Services Provided by Six Mobile Companies in Bangladesh Nafiz Zaman Shuva, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh                 S10 Mobile Services For Distance Learners  16  S9 Mobile Technologies Supporting Development Encouraging Library Usage Among Students in African University Libraries: The Case of Emerald Group Publishing and the University Library of Swaziland John Paul Anbu, Eric Broug & Paul Coyne University of Swaziland, Swaziland and Emerald Group Publishing, UK  m-Learning Libraries in Distance Education: A Proposed Model for IGNOU Parveen Babbar & Seema Chandok, Indira Ghandi National Open University, India m-Library in an m-University: Changing Models in the Open University of Catalonia Dora Perez & Pep Torn, Open University of Catalonia, Spain  Coffee Break The Gallery, Irving K Barber Learning Centre  10.45 - 12.15pm   Concurrent Sessions Irving K Barber Learning Centre    S11 Mobile Technologies              Customer Service Conveyance and Convergence in m-Libraries: Review of Current, Emerging, and Proposing Standards Abiodun Solanke, University of Richmond, USA                      Mobile Technologies and Their Possibilities for the Library, University of the South Pacific Elizabeth C. Reade Fong, The University of the South Pacific, Fiji  WEDNESDAY  10.15 - 10.45am   Enabling Discovery of Digital Collections on Mobile Devices Tito Sierra & Markus Wust, North Carolina State University Libraries, USA  S12 New Mobile Services  UCLA and Yale Science Libraries Data on Cyberlearning and Reference Services Via Mobile Devices Alison Armstrong, Michelle Jacobs, Joe Murphy & Brena Smith, UCLA, USA NYU Results of an Analysis of More Than 300 SMS Transactions Conducted in the Spring,Summer and Fall  17                      Semesters 2008 Scott Collard, Alexa Pearce & Kara Whatley, NYU Libraries, USA                    Create Mobile Content Using a Mobile - Friendly Knowledge Management System: The Athabasca University Experience Dr. Mohamed Ally, Steve Schafer, Yang Guanbing, Bill Hong-Xing Geng & Tony Tin, Athabasca University, Canada  18  Bibliographic Ontology (FRBR) for e-Books: a Guide for Mobile Digital Library Collection Developers Jim Hahn, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, USA S13 Mobile Libraries for Learning What is Mobile Learning and What Do Students Expect – How Can Libraries Help Fill the Gap? A Report on a Dedicated 6-Month Research Project from LIS at LJMU Vicki Owen & Will Reid, Liverpool John Moores University, UK  S14 Mobile Services for Distance Learners A Tale of Two Institutions: Strategic Approach to Support and Develop Mobile Library Services and Resources Hassan Sheikh & Tony Tin, The Open University, UK and Athabasca University, Canada  The Library on the Phone: Assessing the Impact of Mobile Phone Library Access at the University of South Africa Library Dr. Buhle Mbambo-Thata, Executive Director, University of South Africa Library Services, South Africa       Providing Virtual Library Service to the Global Online Student Melody Hainsworth, Principal, The Virtual Librarian Service, Canada  12.15 - 1.30pm   Boxed Lunch The Gallery, Irving K Barber Learning Centre  2.00 - 3.15pm   S15 Closing Keynote Irving K Barber Learning Centre      Chair – Gill Needham, Associate Director, Information Management and Innovation, The Open University, UK         3.15 - 4:00pm    Keynote Speaker Sir John Daniel, Chief Executive Officer at the Commonwealth of Learning: Learning for Development in Vancouver, Canada     4.00 - 5.00pm   Steve Schafer, Director of Library Services, Athabasca University, Canada  WEDNESDAY          Closing Remarks and Conference Adjournment Irving K Barber Learning Centre  Refreshments Irving K Barber Learning Centre  19  Events Welcome Dinner at Granville Island Monday, June 22 5:00-10:00pm Come and enjoy an evening on Granville Island – generally acknowledged as one of the top five Must See places in Vancouver. Situated in the heart of the city, on the south shore of False Creek, and accessible by boat, car, bus, bicycle or on foot – this reclaimed industrial area is now home to over 300 businesses with cultural, shopping and heritage attractions galore. Visit the fabulous Public Market featuring all things fresh from food to flowers; explore galleries, studios and shops that showcase the talents of BC and Canadian artists; stroll the seawall and take in the fabulous views of the working and recreational waterfront, cityscape and mountains. After exploring the island on your own, relax with new and old friends over a delicious three-course dinner hosted at the Granville Island hotel’s Dockside restaurant. In addition to offering a menu highlighting local favourites, the setting provides floor to ceiling views of the waterfront, a 50 foot aquarium, plus tasty brews on tap from the in-house brewery. A pre-arranged bus will be in front of the IKBLC Learning Centre to pick up guests at 4:45pm, leaving for Granville Island at 5:00pm and arriving onsite at 5:30pm. Discover, shop and savour the delights of the island until 7:00pm, then convene at the restaurant for dinner. The bus will be shuttling guests back to UBC at 9:30pm. Tickets must have been pre-purchased at time of registration.  20  Conference Banquet at Sage Bistro, University Centre Tuesday, June 23 5:30-10:00pm Featured Speaker: Dr. Frits Pannekoek, President, Athabasca University  EVENTS / TOURS  Unwind after a full day of conference doings with an evening of fun, fine food, stimulating company and terrific entertainment. The Sage Bistro is a scenic 5-10 minute walk from IKBLC and campus accommodations. En route, be sure to take time to admire the Rose Garden, which adjoins the facility. After your arrival, enjoy cocktails and hor d’oeuvres on the patio with the backdrop of spectacular ocean and mountain views. Have a memento of the event created for you by one of the caricature artists on hand. Dinner will be a fine buffet meal of locally prepared foods and crafted beverages.  Throughout the evening, sit back and relax to the engaging Gypsy Jazz sounds of the Ross Bliss Trio. Inspired by Django Reinhardt, the band is sure to have your toe tapping and heart smiling ‘til the end of the evening. No fee charged; included with registration  21  Tours We invite you take a break from the conference buzz and technology and do like Vancouverites do – Be Mobile! Throughout the program schedule you’ll find several opportunities to explore the UBC campus with its countless attractions and things to do. Tours of UBC Campus (choose one) Monday, June 22 Meet at Registration Desk at 1:30pm; Tours 2:00-4:00pm Tour 1: Museum of Anthropology The Museum houses one of the world’s finest collections of Northwest Coast First Nations’ art in a spectacular building overlooking mountains and sea. Designed by Canadian architect Arthur Erickson and opened in 1976, this awardwinning concrete and glass structure is based on the post-andbeam structures of northern Northwest Coast First Nations. Entry fee: $12.00 CDN Tour 2: UBC Botanical Gardens Explore Canada’s oldest continuously operating university botanic garden, encompassing over 110 acres and including over 8000 different kinds of plants. The Gardens include an Asian garden, an alpine garden, a native plants garden, a food garden and a physic (medicinal) garden. A highlight of the tour will include a stroll along the Canopy Walkway offering visitors a unique aerial view of the forest. Entry fee: $20.00 CDN Tour 3: Irving K. Barber Learning Centre The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre is an innovative facility that provides support for teaching and learning at UBC, as well as programs and services to support lifelong learning to people  22  around the province and beyond. Covering over 250,000 square feet, the building includes a recital hall, lecture halls, meeting space, classrooms and an exhibition gallery in addition to housing Library collections in open study areas and the largest automated retrieval storage system in North America.  Free Morning Beach Walk Tuesday, June 23 7:00-8:00am Location: Meet at Registration Desk, Irving K Barber Learning Centre  EVENTS / TOURS  Our tour will include a visit to the exceptional Chung Collection which features an extensive research collection of items on the exploration of the Pacific Northwest, the Chinese experience in North America and particularly in British Columbia, the history of British Columbia, and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company story.  Start your morning right with an invigorating walk or run through scenic gardens and viewpoints on the campus. A walk/hike to Spanish Banks beach will also be offered for those not averse to climbing hills! Free West Coast Yoga Session Wednesday, June 24 7:00-8:00am Location: Studio, Student Recreation Centre Breathe, stretch, unwind. Begin your day with a gentle yoga class. All levels welcome. Free  23  Contact Phone Numbers m-Libraries Conference 2009 Local Organizing Committee & Registration Desk Voice messaging service  604.822.7975  604.822.1000 Ext 3 778.588.4011 604.822.1020  Emergency Numbers Fire – Police – Ambulance UBC Campus Security UBC Hospital Urgent Care  911 604.822.2222 604.822.7222  CONTACT NUMBERS  UBC Campus Accommodations Main switchboard (7.30am - 10.30pm) Marine Drive Residences West Coast Suites UBC Campus Phone Directory Online  We gratefully acknowledge our Conference Sponsors for their support:  Photo Credits: Cover:  Inside: p.18,/2608397373 p.4,12; /quinnanya/3003243980: p.16; /wolly66/2482105619: p.8; /peyri/2357441856: p.6; Merry Meredith: p.2,10,24; Sony: p.14.  24  CONFERENCE COMMITTEES  Conference Organizing Committee Co-Chairs Leonora Crema  –  University of British Columbia  Nicky Whitsed  –  Open University                   Members        Mohamed Ally  –  Athabasca University                        Nancy Levesque – Thompson Rivers University                       Gill Needham  –  Open University                         Steve Schafer –  Athabasca University   International Organizing Committee Members        Karen Butters  –  University of California                        Nancy Levesque – Thompson Rivers University                    Joan Lippincott  – Coalition for Networked Information  Buhle Mbambo-Thata  –  UNISA  Dora Pérez  –  Universitat Oberta de Catalunya  Steve Schafer  –  Athabasca University  Wai-man Wong  –  Open University of Hong Kong Program Sub-Committee Co-Chairs Mohamed Ally  –  Athabasca University  Gill Needham  –  Open University Members Nancy Levesque  –  TRU  Sarah Fredline  –  Queensland University of Technology  Nicky Whitsed  –  Open University  Pep Torn –  Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Publications Sub-Committee Chair               	 Mohamed Ally  –  Athabasca University Members Gill Needham  –  Open University  Nicky Whitsed  –  Open University  Local Organizing Committee Chair Leonora Crema – University of British Columbia Members Michael Burris  –  Public Library InterLINK    Allan Cho  – Irving K Barber Learning Centre, UBC  Scott MacKenzie  – Simon Fraser University  Kat McGrath  –  University of British Columbia  Graphic Artist  Merry Meredith – University of British Columbia  Consultant  Jeannette Stanley – Open University  Conference Staff	Maeliosa Griffin –  University of British Columbia  Patricia Janecek – University of British Columbia  


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