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Correspondence from the Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. (February 12, 1971) Iue, K. Feb 28, 2010

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SANYO SANYO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. HEAD OFFICE: TELEX:  MORIGUCHI  CITY. OSAKA, JAPAN  TLXOS336 & TLXOS3.S3 SANYO OSAKA  Osaka, February 12,  1971  Regional Director Customs Operations, Pacific Region Department of National Revenue Customs and Excise 799 W. Pender Street Box 1200, Terminal “A” Vancouver 1, B.C. Attention: W.H. Trigg  Dear Sir: This is to certify that the Sanyo Corporation of Moriguchi, Japan, has made a bona fide gift to the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, which consists of the steel girders which were used to support the roof of the Sanyo Pavilion at Expo  ‘70 in Osaka.  The University plans to  reconstruct the pavilion on its campus. The girders jofrom the Port of Kobe as part of the cargo on the “VLADMIR MAYAKAVSKIY” of the UNI ORIENT LINE.  It  is scheduled to leave Kobe on February 26, and should arrive in Vancouver about March 12.  Yours very sincerely, SANYO ELECTIC CO.,  LTD,  K. I ue 6eisdent, Sanyo Corporation  ‘-------—  John F. Howes, Department of ?sian Studies, University of British Coliunbia, Vancouver 8. KI/AK/YH  


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