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Russian Digital Humanities : Spotlight on Russian Drama and Novels Corpa Skorinkin, Daniil; Vdovin, Alexey


A Data-Driven View on 200 Years of Russian Drama: Daniil Skorinkin presents RusDraCor (rus.dracor.org) — an open corpus of Russian drama intended for digital literary studies. As of today, the corpus contains 210 Russian plays from 1747 to 1947. RusDraCor is part of the bigger DraCor family of corpora (dracor.org) — an international endeavor for quantitative research of dramatic texts. All the DraCor texts are encoded in the machine-readable XML-based format known as TEI, widely used in building corpora for the humanities. Skorinkin will demonstrate how such encoding and the digital methods we apply could bring new knowledge about the evolution of Russian drama over 200 years. If time allows, Skorinkin will also offer ‘structural insights’ into particular well-known Russian plays. Towards the Corpus of the Russian Novel, 1800-1917: Alexey Vdovin presents the first database of Russian Novels, 1800-1917, which now contains 1500 texts and becomes the basis of the future corpus in progress. In his talk, Alexey will describe the sources of the database, its scope and limits, its metadata, and the principles and the difficulties of categorization of novels. The database in its current view allows to pose several simple questions leading to the fundamental turning points in the history of the Russian novel.

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