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Can I borrow a microbiome? : Life-saving poop and the ethics of microbiome therapies Gardy, Jennifer; Manges, Amee R.; O’Doherty, Kieran C.


What if we could transplant healthy bacteria into patients to fight diseases without using antibiotics? What might some of the implications be for society if we did this on a broad scale? This talk featured School of Population and Public Health Associate Professor Amee Manges, who speaks about fecal microbiota transplants (FMTs) and how this therapy can save lives, as well as University of Guelph Associate Professor Kieran O’Doherty who discussed the ethics of introducing such therapies across populations, including the possible consequences of changing many people’s normal microbiomes. The talk was MC’d by SPPH Assistant Professor Jennifer Gardy and was presented on September 22nd at UBC.

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