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Tackling Poverty and Socioeconomic Inequities Mitton, Craig, 1972-; Riddell, W. Craig (William Craig), 1946-; Millar, John; Evans, Robert G., 1942-


The gap between the rich and poor is increasing in Canada, with around 15 to 20% of Canadians living in poverty. This income inequality is not just an economic concern - it’s a public health issue. Join SPPH professors John Millar, Craig Mitton and Bob Evans, and Vancouver School of Economics professor Craig Riddell, to find out how wealth affects health, the causes of this concerning trend, and just what we can do to fix it. Part One: Craig Riddell spoke about the issue of income inequality, and the Canadian experience. Part Two: John Millar spoke about the relation between the income inequality story and public health. Part Three: Craig Riddell spoke again about possible policy solutions to this issue. Part Four: Bob Evans provided his reflections on the talk and the information provided, with regards to health and income inequality. Part Five: Questions from the audience and the speakers’ answers.

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