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Academic Snobbishness and Interdisciplinary Studies Oberg, Gunilla


Good research comes in many forms and it is easier said than done to broaden one’s understanding of quality, but certainly more likely to happen if one consciously strives to uncover, discuss and justify the explicit as well as the implicit norms guiding various perceptions of good vs. bad studies. It is however not possible to explore commonalities without common ground. And to create common ground, one needs to create a respectful environment, which is very much a question of attitude. Unfortunately the academic structures seem to feed disciplinary arrogance. Many have testified that an increased understanding of how rigour is achieved in traditions other than one’s own is a major key to successful collaboration across traditional borders. In this seminar, Gunilla Öberg discusses the governing idea of her recent book Interdisciplinary environmental studies – a primer: interdisciplinary work can be facilitated and strengthened through dialogues on quality, drawing on common-ground-creation processes to find unknown and unexplored territories.

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