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Jambo, Ihr Jungmannen und Jungmädchen : Reclaiming Lost Colonies for German Youth in the Magazine Jambo, 1924-1943 Moyd, Michelle


Between 1924 and 1943, the colonial advocacy organization Deutsches Kolonialgesellschaft (DKG) published Jambo, a monthly magazine for youth. The magazine was part of the DKG’s wider effort to educate German reading publics on the perceived importance of keeping German colonial memories alive after the First World War, when German defeat resulted in its being stripped Germany of its colonies. Jambo included short fiction, poems, essays, and graphic representations of Africa and Germany’s colonial past on the continent. Much of the magazine’s content referenced military activities and big game hunting, perpetuating stereotypical racist depictions of African peoples and environments. This lecture will reflect on Jambo’s place within the wider politics and violence of this period in order to show the persistence of colonial thought within German memory, as well as German imperial imaginations.

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