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Avalokiteśvara and Kṣitigarbha, Niche 253, Beishan Rock Carvings (北山石刻) Anderl, Christoph


This niche is located in Beishan Rock Carvings (北山石刻), Fowan (佛灣), Dazu (大足) District, Chongqing. The middle wall depicts two standing bodhisattvas with circular halos trimmed with flame patterns. Both stand on lotus pedestals. The bodhisattva on the left is bald, and both its hands are lost. The one on the left wears a tall crown and carries a water vase in the left hand. A canopy decorated with a pair of feitian 飛天 (Sanskrit: apsaras) is carved on the ceiling above the two bodhisattvas. Six groups of images grouped in auspicious cloud motifs are depicted on either side wall. Each of the motifs contains three to four standing figures. Inscriptions dated to 1001 CE (北宋咸平四年) are found outside the niche frame, indicating that this is a niche for Avalokiteśvara (Guanyin觀音) and Kṣitigarbha (Dicang地藏). Source: Dazu shike yanjiuyuan 大足石刻研究院. Dazu shike quanji 大足石刻全集 [Dazu Rock Carvings] Edited by Li Fangyin 黎方銀. 10 vols. Vol. 3-1, Chongqing: Chongqing chubanshe, 2018, p. 250. Descriptions of the photos: Overview of the niche [1, 2]. Close-up of the left side wall [3]. Close-up of the right side wall [4]. Metadata created by: Sau Ling Wendy Yu.

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